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The Second Edition of the ATLAST book is now available.

The second edition of ATLAST Computer Exercises for Linear Algebra is now available. Instructors should contact their Prentice-Hall sales representatives to obtain copies and ordering information. The ATLAST book can be used in conjunction with any Linear Algebra textbook. The new edition contains more exercises and projects plus new and updated M-files.

Special Deal - The ATLAST book is  being offered as a bundle with the Linear Algebra with Applications, 7th ed., by Steven J. Leon. The two book bundle is offered at the same price as the Leon textbook alone, so the ATLAST book is essentially free!  The ISBN for the two book bundle is 0-13-169817-6

Download the M-files for the second edition.
is a trademark for the MATLAB software distributed by the Mathworks of Natick, MA.
The ATLAST M-files are add-on MATLAB programs. The M-files that accompany the second edition of the ATLAST book are fully compatible with version 6.5 of  MATLAB.  About a dozen new M-files were developed for the second edition. Click on the link below to download a zip file containing the complete collection of M-files for the second edition.

Download M-files for second edition.


ATLAST is a National Science Foundation sponsored project to encourage and facilitate the use of software in teaching linear algebra. The project has received the support of two NSF DUE grants as part of their Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement program. The materials on this web page represent the opinions of its authors and not necessarily those of the NSF.

The ATLAST project conducted eighteen faculty workshops during the six summers from 1992 to 1997. The workshops were held at thirteen regional sites. A total of 425 faculty from a wide variety of colleges and universities participated in the workshops.

Workshop participants were trained in the use of the MATLAB software package and how to use software as part of classroom lectures. Participants worked in groups to design computer exercises and projects suitable for use in undergraduate linear algebra courses. These exercises were class tested during the school year following the workshop and then submitted for inclusion in a database. A comprehensive set of exercises from this database covering all aspects of the first course in linear algebra has been selected for a book ATLAST Computer Exercises for Linear Algebra. The editors of the book are Steven Leon, Eugene Herman, and Richard Faulkenberry. The later ATLAST workshops developed a series of lesson plans using software to enhance linear algebra classroom presentations. These lesson plans were adapted into the exercise/project format used in the ATLAST book and included in the second edition of the ATLAST book. The second edition of the ATLAST book  is available from Prentice Hall.

The ATLAST Project is coordinated through the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The ATLAST Project Director is Steven Leon and the Assistant Director is Richard Faulkenberry. ATLAST Workshops have been presented by Jane Day, San Jose State University, Eugene Herman, Grinnell College, Dave Hill, Temple University, Kermit Sigmon, University of Florida, Lila Roberts, Georgia Southern University, and Steven Leon.


Lesson Plans

A selection of the ATLAST lesson are available for download.

            ATLAST Lesson Plans

The Past and the Future . . .

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about the ATLAST Project please contact:

Steven J. Leon
ATLAST Project Director
Department of Mathematics

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
North Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300
Telephone: (508) 999-8320
Fax: (508) 910-6917


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