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Special acknowledgement and thanks to:

  • My mother, the late Dorothy E. Leary, and to my uncle, the late George T. Law.

  • My daughter, Bethany Star Leary - and to her ancestral roots in the islands of Cabo Verde and Ireland; to her mother, Diana; to Martin, Dawna, Richard and Karin Gyukeri; and to Elizabeth Duarte and the entire Duarte extended family.

  • The Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport and to Tom Conrad, NUWC Code 2253 Division Head, for his committment to technical excellence and technology transfer.

  • Chris Deangelis/NUWC - for introducing me to the Web; for his generosity in providing expert technical guidance and assistance; for his unselfish sharing of his X-system and software.

  • Ray Almeida/Smithsonian - for his collaboration on the development of this home page and his numerous contributions to, as well as corrections and clarifications of, these pages.

  • Ron Barboza and John P. "Joli" Gonsalves/New Bedford - for a wealth of information on Cape Verdean culture as well as access to their incredible archives of Cape Verdean material.

  • Greg Stone and Richard Upchurch/UMass Dartmouth - for their guidance, assistance and indulgence in the implementation of the home page on the UMass/Dartmouth system.

  • Raymond Barrows/Umass Dartmouth, New Beford Smithsonian Committee Cochair - for his sponsorship at UMass Dartmouth and in the Cape Verdean-American community.

  • To the Cape Verdean-American community of New Bedford and Southeastern Massachusetts, especially Joaquim Custodio, the late Belfred Pina, Dr. Leonard Duarte, Toni and "Gee" Ardoin, Carol Pimentel, the Frank Rocha family, and Dotty Monteiro. Also Buddy Andrade, Mary Barros, Tom Lopes and the late Manuel E. Costa.

  • To all my Cape Verdean-American friends and neighbors from the Potter St. days, and to my friends at the Main Event.

  • To the authors of those books which have been invaluable in the development of these pages, particularly: - Richard Lobban, Marilyn Halter, Deidre Meintel Machado, Robert Hayden, Basil Davidson. Special acknowledgement also for much information obtained from the weekly Cabo Video television program.

  • Jay Miranda/NUWC - for providing me with a number of useful tools and tips.

  • To Joao and Ramiro Mendes of MB Records for generously providing the music samples used in this page. MB Records is located at 84 Foster St., Brockton, MA 02401. (508) 587-3439.

  • To Neves Travel, 1545 Acushnet Ave.,New Bedford, MA 02746, for providing photos, pamplets and other material from Cape Verde. Neves Travel can be reached at (508) 996-1332 or (800) 698-1332, Fax: (508) 992-7090.

  • Eric Chaum and Cindy Rumbut/NUWC - for the digital rendering of the Cape Verdean flag and technical assistance in image conversion.

  • To the members of the Internet community, too numerous to mention, who have been a constant and gracious source of information and resources.

  • Last, but not least, to Cabo Verde and her People.

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