Cape Verdeans in Cyberspace

These are web sites and home pages of people and institutions of Cabo Verde, of those who were born in the islands, of people of Cape Verdean ancestry living around the world, and of those who have a special relationship to the islands and to the Cape Verdean people.

Note: Most recent entries are at the TOP of the list. If you have sent me your URL, and it does not appear below, please resend. Thanks. Obrigadu.

  • P·gina Oficial do Governo - Official Page of the Government of Cabo Verde
  • Cabo Verde Ministry of Education
  •   Government of Cabo Verde

    Candidates for the Presidency of Cabo Verde - Established Web Sites
  • Santo Antao Trekking and Forum
    This site is to benefit all the applications and internet application developers. Learn how to create your website or get hints to improve it.
  • Manuel F. Gomes
  • Tanboru Forum Mario Elias - "Ginho"
  • Armando Barbosa
  • Justiano Rodrigues
  • Antonio Pedro DePina

  • MeiaPraia
  • CesariaEvora.COM
  • Kultura Online - jornal digital cultural - Margarida Fontes
  • CapVert.COM
  • Big Ben Hilman - The Professor of Funk Hello, my name is Ben Hillman and I welcome you to my new and improved website. I am a musician / composer / producer from the greater Boston area. This site contains information about the numerous musical projects I am currently involved with, as well as some insight to upcoming projects and events.
  • Indira Ferreira Rodrigues
  • J. Leite's forum de discussžes sobre Cabo Verde
  • (Cape Verde Discussion Forum)
  • TANBORU.ORG - Mario Elias - Web Design and Desktop Publishing
  • Nicoline Lima dos Santos
  • Liceu de S“o Filipe
  • Justiano
  • New Bedford Inter- Community Connection (Wayne Barboza)
  • Piano Success Company - Tony DePina
  • Jornal Vis“o
  • Carlos Rocha
  • Morabeza 2000
  • Cape Verde - Ministry of Finance
  • Cape verde Government
  • AssociaÁ“o de Estudantes Cabo-verdianosem Aveiro
  • Welcome to AguaToi da GraÁa (AntÛnio da GraÁa Soares)
  • CV Bodyboard
  • MORNA - AssociaÁ“o Cultural Luso-Africana
  • Pelo cybersespaÁo Nunca Dantes Navegado - Culturas de Cabo Verde, Timor e outras, por Adriano Gominho
  • Upscale Productions
  • Cape Verdean Network
  • robertocv - Roberto Andrade
  • Als Gast in Cabo Verde (A Guest in Cabo Verde) - Regina Fuchs
  • Marina Fortes - Boa Vista, CV
  • Carmen's World - Carmen Fortes, Sal, Cape Verde
  • - Cape Verde and Eastgate Travel, East Yorkshire, England
  • Socigmar Ltd - Sociedade de Consultoria e InspecÁ“o Geral MarÌtima Ltd.
  • Banco de Cabo Verde
  • Catchupinha's Fla Fla Page - Arlindo Alves
  • Len Cabral - Capeverdean-American Storyteller
  • Cabo Verde Morabeza2000
  • Jaime Ledo Barros de Pina - U.T.L - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
  • Kriolidade - Estudantes Caboverdeanos em Lisboa

  • SPIA Media Productions Dr. Claire Andrade-Watkins, historian and filmmaker
  • Baptist Mission - Mindelo
  • CV Music World - Amilcar Carvalho (Nacio)
  • Incognito Entertainment
  • O Concelho da Figueira da Foz - Cidades Geminadas/ Sister City of Praia
  • Edilson and Elisio Santos - Rotterdam
  • Ilha do Sal - Paulo Correia
  • Dja D'Sal Home Page - M·rio Adnilson Lelis Ramos
  • Rui Freitas - Mindelo - Estudante de Biologia Marinha e Pescas
  • PÍdrada - Boletim informativo dos alunos do ISECMAR
  • Cabo Verde WAVERIDERS - surfing, bodyboard, ...
  • JosÈ Lino Furtado Teixeira - Universidade de Aveiro
  • Universo Musical Fascinante de Vasco Martins
  • DJ Letra
  • ASA - Empresa Nacional de Aeroportos e SeguranÁa AÈrea, E.P.
  • Ilha Brava Web - Brava - Ilha das Flores - the Island of Flowers
  • C’mara de ComÈrcio de Barlavento, Cabo Verde
  • AssociaÁ“o de Amizade Cabo Verde - Brasil
  • Cabo Verde Ministry of Education
  • Justiniano's Cape Verde Page - Justiniano Estevao Rodrigues
  • Yahoo Club Cabo Verde - Cabo Verde & amigos
  • Ponche Entertainment
  • Roberto CV World - Roberto Andrade (UMass Amherst)
  • Tributo Ao Amigo Nho Padre Pio
  • King Fisher Cabo Verde Lda.
  • Trekking/Hiking guide Santo Ant“o - Dr. Pitt Reitmaier/Lucete Fortes
  • Visao Chronicles
  • Billfish Club - Sport Fishing in Cabo Verde
  • Mp3 Kriol - Mocinho d'Holanda - Funana, morna,zouklove, coladera etc!!!

  • Amidjabraba Web - Amigos da Brava (Friends of Brava)
      Amidjabraba (Amigos da Brava) is a non-profit Organization founded in 1992 by a group of emigrants from Brava in U.S.A. motivated by a strong desire to help in solving common problems in the mother land, Brava, specially education, and health.

  • Cape Verde Arts -
      - This web site is a first attempt to introduce the art of Cape Verde. It is a partnership of each artist and Advantage Cape Verde, an effort to assist in the excellent progress of the island nation. "Advantage Cape Verde" is organized by third generation Cape Verde American citizens.
      - Profits derived from this first effort return directly to the artists at the rate of 75%. The residual profit will be applied to the continuing effort of "Advantage Cape Verde" to promote its mission on the Islands.
      - Principle beneficiaries of "Advantage Cape Verde" are the Babtista-Sousa Hospital and The Childrenís Center for Nutrition and Rehabilitation.

  • Sociedade Irm“os Unidos Gomes & Gomes Lda.
  • Kapverdische Inseln - Begleiten Sie uns nach S“o Vicente mit der Hafenstadt Mindelo, der Heimat von Cesaria Evora, auf die "Wanderinsel" Santo Ant“o, nach Santiago mit der Hauptstadt Praia sowie auf die "Badeinsel" Sal. (German Cape Verde Travel Web Site. Some very nice photos.)
  • Santiago - Danny Freire
  • The Avenue - Pure, Uncut Hip-Hop Worldwide
      The Web Site of The Avenue, a widely broadcast and highly popular program dedicated to restoring the true essence of Hip-Hop, covers urban underground music with a local, national, and international scope. Executive producer, host and editor - Liza Gonçalves.
  • JP - John Pinto - John M.Pinto's Cabo Verde And Beyond Web World.
  • Christina Cardozo
  • Yannick Santos
  • CaboNEWS - Cabo Verde On-line news source.
  • Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture - Umass Dartmouth - The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture is a multidisciplinary international studies and outreach unit dedicated to the study of the language, literatures and cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world.
  • I Am I Am -   Cher'no Salah (Salah Matteos)
  • Crossfader (Themba Flowers) - News, Design, MP3s, Capeverdean T-Shirts
  • Neves Travel / NT&T Music Productions
  • Joseph T. Andrade - New Bedford City Councilor - Ward 4
  • Edgar A. Barros - University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Am’ndio Furtado - Universidade do Minho
  • Sim“o Alves
  • AntÛnio CÈsar Reis-Morais
  • Cape Verde Missions - Baptist Missionary Association of America
  • San Diego Real Estate & Home Loans - Adrian & MaryAnn Oliveira
  • CCTina425
  • Capeverdean Creole Institute (CCI)
  • P·gina Oficial do Governo - Official Page of the Government of Cabo Verde
  • Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative - Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA

    The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is a nonprofit community-based planning and organizing entity based in the Roxbury/North Dorchester area of Boston. DSNI’s mission is "to empower Dudley residents to organize, plan for, create and control a vibrant, diverse and high quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners." DSNI's approach to neighborhood revitalization is comprehensive (physical, environmental, economic and human). It was formed in 1984 when residents of the Dudley Street area came together out of fear and anger to revive their neighborhood that was nearly devastated by arson, disinvestment, neglect and redlining practices, and protect it from outside speculators. DSNI is the only community-based nonprofit in the country which has been granted eminent domain authority over abandoned land within its boundaries

  • Puntegale - Rotterdam - "Imagine a Building without an Image"
  • Genghis Blues - Paul Pena and Kongar ool Ondar
  • Helder's Cape Verdean Music Source - MP3s of Calu Bana, Kino, Jocel, ... more coming ....
  • Grepne Cape Verde Web Page - This Web Page concerns the Grepne family and its foreign investment interests in Cape Verde.
  • Songo's Home Page - Lamanary Kisongo da Cruz Ramos de Pina - Universidade de Aveiro
  • Wind Pub - Ilha do Sal
  • Liza Goncalves - Video Vanguard - From The Class of 1999; the First PHILLY WORD ILLEST LIST.
  • AssociaÁ“o Black Panthers - Black Panthers È uma AssociaÁ“o de natureza comunit·ria, fundada na Cidade da Praia com o propÛsito de identificar, estruturar e implementar programas de ’mbito social, cultural, educativo e desportivo, em prol dos jovens e dos mais vulner·veis do Bairro da V·rzea da Companhia e de outros bairros suburbanos da Cidade da Praia. Cabo Verde. Portugues Version.
  • The Foundation of Cabo Verde, Inc.
  • Capeverdian Discussion Forum - hosted by Jose Evora
  • Samora Djassy Cardoso Švora
  • Nuias Silva - Estudante de Engenharia e Gest“o Industrial da Universidade de Aveiro
  • MB Records - Mendes Brothers Records
  • Amilcar Spencer Melo
  • Cabo Verde Webring
  • Fatima Mendonca Dias - Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
  • David Rose
  • Boston University CVSA
  • Nobidade TV - "Di Kriou Pa Kriolu Na Kriolu" - Started in Rhode Island (USA) in 1988, Nobidade TV was the first program of its kind to be broadcasted completely in CapeVerdean Creole.
  • Dr. Marilyn Halter - of the Institute for the Study of Economic Culture, Boston University, and author of Between Race and Ethnicity: Cape Verdean American Immigrants, 1860-1965.
  • Sensei Remi da Silva Oliveira - Dutch Heavyweight Kyokushinkaikan Karate champion. Head of Dojo Sidney-Kai.
  • DeBren Web Design
  • Poemas de Cabo Verde - Poems of Ovidio Martins
  • Michaela's phat homepage! - Michaela Rodrigues of the "creole posse" in Oslo.
  • CaboVideo - Ed Andrade and Cabo Video Online
  • Cabo Verde Privatization
  • Paul Pena: A National Living Treasure in Cole Valley. (There was Paul Gonsalves' legendary sax solo with Duke Ellington at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1956. Check out Paul Pena in Tuva, 1995.)
  • CABONET - Internet Services in Cabo Verde. CABONET empresa caboverdeana de PrestaÁ“o de ServiÁos na Internet.

  • Noticiário - Radio Nova, Cabo Verde - Hear the news from Cabo Verde - online! Requires Real Audio. Download the free RealPlayer G2. (You need to pay if you want RealPlayer Plus G2.)

  • AssociaÁ“o Cultural Moinho da Juventude - Amadora, Lisbon, Portugal. (In English - A whirlpool of cultures at the Alto da Cova da Moura neighbourhood. A testimony of the experiences in the Cultural Association Moinho da Juventude.)
  • Amigos de Cabo Verde of Sweden - The Swedish Friendship Association of Cape Verde
  • Scott Cooley
  • Josh "Joshito" Apfel
  • PGM Data - Kyle Grace, New Bedford, MA

  • Chat with Capeverdeans Worldwide via CabosNET IRC - The Capeverdean IRC Network.

  • Arnaldo da Penha - Rotterdam
  • HPCV - Helping People in Cabo Verde Ramiro Garcia of Tropical Lightning, now in his third year of aiding those in need in Cabo Verde and in the Capeverdean immigrant community in the USA, now has a home page where one can find out about this good work.
  • A Semana
  • Cape - An evolving discussion starting with an email exchange among four friends - Inocencio Monteiro, Agusto Santos DePina, Charles De Julia and Manny Gomes. You are invited to comment.
  • UMass Dartmouth CVSA
  • Jose Araujo - UMass Amherst
  • Helder - Cape Verdean Music Source
  • Daniel Freire
  • Adilson's Home Page - Adilson DaSilva
  • Laurentino Pires' CV Music Site
  • Rascalite Central - Jose Estrela and the globe-trotting Rascalites of Macau. Be sure to fill out the Rascalite application form.
  • Megabyte Computers - Steve & Deborah Goncalves, Okinawa, Japan
  • Mike Costa - ""
  • Ivanilde Castelo Branco Lopes (Iva) - Student, University of South Florida - Visit Iva's Fla Fla Chat, "where Capeverdeans meet." Lots of CV's on the Web starting to chat there. Best chat times:
    • USA TIME) 2pm EST or 6pm EST
    • (PORTUGAL TIME) 5pm or 9pm
    • (CABO VERDE TIME) 6pm or 10pm
  • Isaias Barreto da Rosa
  • Vasco Pires - Capt. Vasco's Homeport
  • Herminio Cruz (Miny)
  • TACV - Cabo Verde Airlines
  • GIVATropical Mucic - Rotterdam
  • Lisa and Joris Lopes
  • Amilcar Tavares - Universidade de Aveiro
  • Johna's Hair Salon (Tracy DeBarros)
  • Vuca Pinheiro
  • Francisco Productions - Rev. Francisco De Pina Gomes, Maui, Hawaii
  • Dana Barros - Boston Celtics Player File
  • Jair (Anselmo Ribeiro) - NE Revolution Midfielder
  • Carlos Lopes (Universidade do Minho)
  • Two Face Entertainment (Roger Fonseca)
  • Cape Verdean Music Page - Laurentino Pires
  • NT 2000 - New Technologies for the Year 2000 - Praia - Daniel Monteiro Junior (Tchitcho), Paulo Henrique Marques Timas (Adilson), Ivan Andrade
  • ZÈzinho's World (José M. Cruz - URI Alumnus)
  • Chad Call - A very nice page with photos of the islands from a true friend of Cabo Verde whose exceptional efforts played a key role in getting USAID food aid to CV renewed for another 5 years.
  • Dr. Richard Lobban - Longtime friend of Cabo Verde and Capeverdean America and author of "Cape Verde: From Creole Colony to Independent Nation."

  • Hill-Freedman Middle School (Philadelphia) Cape Verde Page - Carlos H. dos Santos, Teacher.
  • Joaquim M. Andrade (Dr. Azagua)
  • Jose Manuel Cruz - Umass Amherst grad student in applied mathematics.
  • Silva Associates - Linking Nutrition, Gender and Environment for a Better Tomorrow
  • The International Church of the Nazarene - New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA (by John Gomes, webmaster for the New Bedford School System, and Gardner Greany)

  • Lindsay Grace
  • Carlos jose' da Cruz da luz
  • Pachão, Chico, and Nilton - and a big fish - on P. Stagg's CV Page.
  • Julio Vera-Cruz. Visit Julio of Mindelo via GJ4ICD's CV ham radio expedition report page. Real nice pics and some scary dogs.
  • Michael "Tuspaquin" Deluz. - It is a world of many colors.
  • Cabo Verde - Eraldo De Gioannini - You must visit this page - and perhaps we can help...
  • Cape Verdean Santiago Society
  • Patrice Alves - Dr. Alves
  • José M. Cruz ("Zézinho's World ") -URI Alumnus.
  • Angelo Barbosa
  • Elsie (Senna) Parker
  • Thomas Pina Windsor
  • Kiki Lima
  • Manuel Centeio - MIT in the house.
  • URI Cape Verdean Student Association
  • Paulo Fontes - Remembering Katchaz
  • Lee Rocha - New England's DJ Lee
  • Hamilton Ferreira - UFSC, Brasil
  • Antáo Miguel De Morais Lima Chantre
  • Associação de Acção Social da Universidade Lusíada (AASUL)
  • Armando Barbosa
  • Shades - Motown Divas
  • Antonio Delgado - Suderburg, Germany
  • B. Daamen and A.I. Costa da Graca - Netherlands
  • Jose Araujo - Boston/Amherst
  • Vasco Cardoso - Comunidade Caboverdiana em Rotterdam
  • Associacao dos Estudantes Africanos de Santa Catarina
  • Paulo Umaru - São Paulo, Brasil
  • Artctechs
  • Instituto de Apoio ao Imigrante (IAPE)
  • Amilcar Lopes
  • Sociedade de Promoção Informática
  • Antonio Couto Centeio
  • Instituto de Apoio ao Imigrante (IAPE)
  • PAICV -Partido Africano Da Independencia De Cabo Verde
  • S A L ao Raio X
  • Instituto de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Empresarial (Institute for the Development of Enterprises)
  • Gardenia Benros
  • Mesa Sound Studio - Netherlands
  • Rui Pina - Kola Productions
  • Natalina Texeira Monteiro. The pages of a doctoral student at Northern Arizona University who has investigated the "informal economic strategies of women in Mozambique."
    See also her collection of Cape Verdian poems.
  • Mason Almeida
  • St. Mark's United Methodist Church - Onset, Massachusetts
  • Nick DeMesa
  • Adia Barboza - Replacing Bianca as our youngest member of CV's in cyberspace.
  • Boston College Cape Verdean Student Association - First CVSA on the Web.
  • Bianca Barboza - Our youngest member to date of CV's in cyberspace.
  • Steve Henck
  • Capeverdean American Community Development of Rhode Island (CACD)
  • Paulino Viera - (more of a concert announcement than home page, but still cool.)
  • Rick Britto's Home Page - !!!link corrected!!!!

  • Other Listings -

  •   Morna - AssociaÁ“o Cultural Luso-Africana

    SPIA Media Productions

    Upscale Productions

    Kriolidade - Estudantes Caboverdeanos em Lisboa

    Banco de Cabo Verde

    Cape Verdean Network

    Roberto Andrade

    Cape Verde and Eastgate Travel

    Socigmar Ltd.

    CV Music World

    Cabo Verde WAVERIDERS

    Vasco Martins


    DJ Letra

    Nova Sintra, Brava

    Padre Pio

    Santo Ant“o

    Roberto Andrade

    King Fisher Cabo Verde Lda.

    Childrens Center - Mindelo


    Espargos, Ilha do Sal (Kapverdische Inseln)


    Government of Cabo Verde

    AssociaÁ“o Black Panthers

    Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

    Liza Gonçalves

    Helder's CV Music Source

    Dr. Marlyse Baptista of the Capeverdean Creole Institute

    Prigozu Designs

    Team Bushido

    Cabo Video

    Daniel Jorge Fontes Marques Freire

    Nobidade TV

    Dr. Marilyn Halter

    Ramiro Garcia of HPCV

    AssociaÁ“o Cultural Moinho da Juventude, Amadora, Lisbon

    Rev. Francisco De Pina Gomes, Maui, Hawaii

    "Far Out" by Adia Barboza

    Rick Brito, Saurus Studio

    Ivanilde Castelo Branco Lopes (Iva)

    Hamilton Ferreira, AssociaÁ“o dos Estudantes Africanos de Santa Catarina, Brasil

    Sensei Remi da Silva Oliveira, Rotterdam

    Jo“o Augusto Barros de Pina, AEASC, Brasil

    A Semana, Cabo Verde

    International Church of the Nazarene

    2 Face Entertainment

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    Cape Verde Home Page