Academic Resource Center

ARC Mission Statement

This is what we're all about:

In upholding the overall educational mission of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, the Academic Resource Center endeavors to support achievement of academic goals belonging to a variety of groups: students, faculty members, and administrators. The ARC bolsters students' efforts to meet the demands of the curriculum, contributing to increased retention and higher graduation rates by focusing on academic needs and offering peer-tutoring services in a caring and supportive environment. The ARC helps faculty members address the curriculum by providing feedback on common student misconceptions revealed while tutoring their students, by conducting pre-exam review sessions and, when requested, by assisting faculty in proctoring exams given in crowded classrooms.

The Academic Resource Center also administers a United States Department of Education Student Support Services Program through a grant. The foundation of this ARC/SSS program is the legislative demand that we "foster an improved institutional climate" for a portion of our high-risk population. Program funding mandates extensive and exclusive services to 270 clients, each of whom must be federally eligible due to their status as Low Income and/or First Generation college students at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. We fulfill this goal by providing tutoring, mentoring, advising and other academic support services as needed.

Our mission is to ensure that students have
clear, understandable, achievable academic goals.

Our goal is excellence.

Contact Info:

Corinne Cortès, Program Secretary, 508.999.8709