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Uncorked Advanced

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Uncorked Advanced

Category: Campus Life
Date & Time: Thursday , 10/11/2012
from 05:30 PM to 06:30 PM
Location: Birch Conference Center
Admission: Free!
Sponsored by: SAIL Office
Contact: Sail
Description: SAIL Uncorked is a alcohol appreciation series for current UMass Dartmouth Students who are 21 plus. The series consists of a presentation and guided tasting featuring a specific topic each week. The series as a whole follows a generic 3 week rotation of topics (beer, wine, spirits).

This event will be held in the Birch Conference Center (inside Birch Grille).

To sign up for SAIL Uncorked please register at the following site: https://webapps.umassd.edu/events/sailrestricted
*Note: If you do not see a particular session on the registration page it means the session is already full.

Please remember that SAIL Uncorked does have a Business Casual Dress Code. For men, khakis and a polo will suffice. There is no need to wear a suit (unless you so desire). For women, please wear something appropriate for a work environment and remember that you are not going out clubbing. Those who don't adhere to the dress code may be turned away at the door, and forfeit their space in the session. You are only allowed two absences during the year before you are no longer eligible to participate.

For Advanced listing only:
You must participate in 9 Beginner sessions of Uncorked prior to being allowed to participate in the Advanced sessions.
Additional Info: Events





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