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Recent Faculty Research Highlights

Dr. Bernal recently received a multi-year grant from the National Marine Fishery Service to work on the molecular responses to stress in coastal sharks. The overall goal of this study is to quantify how capture affects blood and tissue function in sharks and to potentially minimize their post-release mortality by modifying the fishing methods.

Drs. Hable and Oliveira recently received a multi-year grant from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to employ newly developed methods in artificial maturation in order to determine how contaminants may be transferred from a sexually mature eel to its eggs.

Erin Bromage recently received a multi-year grant from the US Department of Agriculture to study the antibody response of fish and understand the molecular and cellular interactions that lead to protective humoral immunity in various fish species. Understanding these interactions will allow vaccine to be custom designed for fish resulting in long-term protective responses to infectious pathogens.

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