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Swami Yogatmanada installed as UMass Dartmouth Hindu chaplain

Swami Yogatmananda, minister of the Providence Vedanta Society, has been appointed Hindu Chaplain

Swami Yogatmananda, minister of the Providence Vedanta Society, has been appointed the Hindu Chaplain for UMass Dartmouth by Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for Susan Costa.

The Office of the Student Affairs in collaboration with the Center for Indic Studies and Campus Services officially installed Swami Yogatmananda last Wednesday.

There has been steady increase in Indian students (mostly belonging to Hindu religion) on the UMass Dartmouth campus, with current enrollment of 175, up 79 percent from 2003. There are over 5,000 Indian-Americans living in Providence and southeastern Massachusetts, and many participate UMass Dartmouth events.

Dr. Bal Ram Singh, the Director of the Center for Indic Studies at the university, said, "This is a historical event for UMass, and meets a growing need for students."

Swami Yogatmananda is the minister at the Providence Vedanta Society, holds a Master's degree in mathematics, and has been ordained with the title of a Swami under the Ramakrishna Mission order. He is also a University Chaplain at Brown University.

Born in 1953 in Karnataka, India, Swami Yogatmananda joined Ramakrishna Order in 1976. He received his monastic vows in 1986. After being at Ramakrishna Math Center at Nagpur, India for 20 years, he was posted as the Head of Ramakrishna Mission, Shillong, Meghalaya, India.

Swami Yogatmananda has participated in numerous activities at UMass Dartmouth in the past, sponsored by the Center for Indic Studies, including special services for students in 2005, a conference on Science and Spirituality in June 2004, and on Karma Yoga in July 2004. He also presented a seminar on March 17, 2006 on Unique Gift of India: Unity within Diversity.


Author:  "John Hoey"
Date:  19-Feb-2007
Department:   Publications

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