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All-campus cleanup day May 2

Chancellor MacCormack invites students, staff, and faculty to help beautify our grounds

Chancellor Jean F. MacCormack issued the following message to the campus community today, April 25:

To the campus community:

On Wednesday May 2nd, from 2 p.m.  to 5  p.m., the Center for Sustainability is co-sponsoring a Campus Clean Up Day in partnership with The Social Change Society, MassPIRG, Facilities, Sodexho and Dartmouth Recycling. Registration will be held on the quad.

The goals of this campus clean-up day, suggested by a student, are three-fold:

-- To clean up our public areas in the same way that Facilities has been working to clear out storage areas and offices.

-- To help to build the kind of community we long for by working together on a common project.

-- To foster a sense of stewardship for the land that we work and study on, and begin to develop a better understanding of our geographic "place."

Several student groups have already signed up.  I encourage faculty, staff, and administrators to join them and to make this a total community effort.

We envision collegial "teams" of faculty, staff and students cleaning up trash and recyclables from the campus grounds, including those areas which rarely get attention on a week-to-week basis.

Facilities and Dartmouth Recycling will be providing gloves and trash bags - one for general trash and another specifically for recyclables - to each volunteer team. When a group arrives to the registration table on Wednesday, they will be assigned an area of campus and given instructions on where to leave full trash bags for transport back to the quad. Throughout the event, we will be building a mountain of trash collected from around the campus as a visible display of how individual actions, positive or negative, mount up.

The clean-up day has been scheduled to coincide with Springfest, and Sodexho will be providing free tickets to a barbecue for clean-up participants.  Volunteers will also receive a complimentary crew t-shirt.

This first-ever Campus Clean Up Day is a very worthwhile endeavor.  I hope that you will join your colleagues and friends from across the campus on Wednesday, May 2, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. For staff members, please check first with your supervisor to ensure that the duties of your office or department are being fulfilled.  

Please RSVP to by Monday, April 30. If part of a group,  please state the approximate number of volunteers who will be attending with you.


Jean F.MacCormack


Author:  "John Hoey"
Date:  25-Apr-2007
Department:   Publications

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