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Former Lost Boy of the Sudan: Remarks at UMass Dartmouth Commencement

Sam Machuor, Class of 2008, Former Lost Boy of the Sudan: Remarks to UMass Dartmouth Commencement, May 25, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, I can't even find a single word to describe this moment of life.

I came from a remote world, a world where I never thought about tomorrow.  All I asked myself was would I make it to the next day? I came from nothing.

During those times education was not in my dreams.  All I cared was where to eat and how to escape and stay away from the enemies.  I was in a doom world where my age mates, grown ups, children and babies die from curable disease like cholera, malaria, you name it.  I never thought I would make it to these days.  

There was one time when I sat down, lost in thought and asked myself, am I going to be alive for the next five years?  And guess what?  God is great and here I'm today, on May 25th, 2008, a day I'm going to stand up and achieve my longtime dream, a college degree, something neither my mother nor father had a chance to achieve.  They never even made it to middle school.

My message to anyone who is out there, whether you're on top of the mountain or down at the bottom of the sea, a son of a king or a daughter of a village man, never quit! Always be yourself and stand tall.

To my class of 2008. Let me tell you this.  There's an old saying in my village that says, "The future belongs to those who believe in themselves and in the beauty of their dreams."

We all know God gives each and everyone of us a talent to make our dreams come true and I can tell you right now, we made it!  I understand it has been a difficult world we're all living in, but now is the time to go out there and make those changes.

Author:  "Sam Machuor, Class of 2008"
Date:  25-May-2008
Department:   News & Public Information

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