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UMass Dartmouth Calls For Nominations For 2010 Drum Major Award  In Honor Of Martin Luther King Jr.

UMass Dartmouth is now accepting nominations for its 8th Annual Drum Major Award to memorialize the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Nominations must be received on or before Friday, November 6, 2009 at 4:30 p.m.

To obtain a nomination form, visit or contact Yolanda Dennis, MLK Event Coordinator/Diversity Analyst at 508.999.8192.  

The Drum Major Award honors individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions toward realizing Dr. King's dream of equality, social justice, and peace.  In one of his more famous sermons, Dr. King said, "...say that I was a drum major for justice...for peace...for righteousness."  

The Drum Major Award will be presented at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast on Friday, January 29, 2010.  The award was created by the University to acknowledge the contributions off campus leaders, community leaders and organizations who work diligently to keep Dr. King's dream alive.

In 2009, the 7th Annual Martin Luther King Jr., Drum Major Awards were awarded to Carol Spencer, Director, UMass Dartmouth College Now and Dr. Irving Fradkin, Founder of Dollars for Scholars.

In 2008, the 6th Annual Martin Luther King Jr., Drum Major Awards were awarded to Dr. Dana Mohler-Faria, President, Bridgewater State College and Dr. Susan Costa, former Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. The corporate honoree was The New Bedford Historical Society.

Awardees will designate a charitable organization of their choice, to which a check of $1,000 will be given in their name.

"We are so fortunate that our campus and region include many people who personify Dr. King's values and dreams," said Chancellor MacCormack. "We urge people to nominate individuals and organizations who continue to pursue the dream today."

Specifically, the university is looking for three (3) categories of nominees; members of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, regional leaders and organizations (corporation, business or group) who meet the following criteria:

Members of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth & Regional Leaders
* Sustained effort to promote equal opportunity for all and embrace the image of Dr. King.
* Excellence in a field of endeavor, thereby serving as a role model for the disadvantaged or under-represented ethnic and racial groups.
* Demonstrate strong and growing commitment to service.
* Assist in ensuring equal opportunity and career advancement opportunities for underrepresented ethnic and racial groups.

Organizations (corporation, business or group)
* Sustained effort to promote equal opportunity for all and embrace the image of Dr. King.
* Encourage the participation of traditionally underrepresented ethnic and racial groups in public service, committees, activities or events.
* Design and implement programs that inspire mutual respect, understanding and sensitivity for persons of diverse backgrounds.
* Promote and advance mutual respect, understanding and appreciation for cultural and ethnic diversity.

"With issues of economic justice, peace and equality continuing to be issues in our community and nation, it remains as important as ever that we keep Dr. King's vision alive and vibrant," said Yolanda Dennis of the university's Office of Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Outreach, who is coordinating the event.


Author:  "Yolanda Dennis"
Date:  29-Sep-2009
Department:   Equal Opportunity / Diversity & Outreach

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