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UMass Dartmouth CVPA Faculty's Animation Selected for Presentation at International Electroacoustic Music Festival

"Brahmanda" has been selected for presentation at the 2013 Synchresis III (videomusic compositions), International Electroacoustic Music Festival in Valencia, Spain

Dartmouth, MA (November 17, 2013) -- UMass Dartmouth's College of Visual & Performing Arts (CVPA) faculty members Jing Wang's and Harvey Goldman's abstract film "Brahmanda" has been selected for presentation at the 2013 Synchresis III (videomusic compositions), International Electroacoustic Music Festival in Valencia, Spain. The festival is sponsored by the Spain Electroacoustic Music Association. Brahmanda has been gaining a great deal of visibility over the past two years since its inception with numerous screenings around the world.

The entwined meditations on the futility and absurdity of combat are both the genesis and essence of "Brahmanda". The "accidental war" with its loss of empathy and "eye for an eye" hostility dominate the lives of our twin protagonists. The translation for the Hindu Sanskirt word Brahmanda is "the universal" or "cosmic egg". Ancient creation mythology is rich in references to this theme, as well as, the birth of twin creators. The epiphany of these ancient cosmologies is woven together with our cultural obsession regarding ownership, material wealth and territory. The piece gives credence to these archetypal themes.

Jing Wang, a composer and virtuoso erhu artist, was born in China. Ms. Wang has participated in numerous musical communities, as a composer and a performer of diverse styles of music. Her compositions have been selected and presented in China, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Canada, and throughout the United States. They have also been recognized by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers and Electro-acoustic Miniatures International Contest, Spain. One of her compositions Weathered Edges of Time is selected for inclusion in the collection of French National Library. She was the winner of 2006 Pauline Oliveros Prize given by the International Alliance for Women in Music. As an active erhu performer, she has introduced the Chinese indigenous erhu into Western contemporary music scene with her wide array of compositions for chamber ensemble, avant-garde jazz improvisations and multicultural ensembles. She has also successfully performed erhu concertos with several symphony orchestras in the United States. Ms. Wang is currently an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she teaches electroacoustic music, composition, and music theory.

Harvey Goldman has created critically acclaimed work in the fields of ceramics, digital imaging, animation and music. He teaches digital media in the Department of Design at the UMass Dartmouth, where he currently holds the position of Chancellor Professor of Design. His work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. His animations have been screened throughout the world including, the Smithsonian's Hirshhon Museum, the Corcoran Gallery of Art and the White Box Museum, Beijing, China.

Jing Wang's and Harvey Goldman's abstract film "Wiretap" was also recently named an official selection to the 2013 SIMULTAN Festival. SIMULTAN is an international annual festival in Romania dedicated to media art and artistic experimentation.

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Author:  "Joseph Sullivan [Contact]"
Date:  17-Nov-2013
Department:   College of Visual & Performing Arts

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