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Karen Payton and Collaborators Awarded NIH Grant

Dr. Karen Payton, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and several collaborators from MIT were awarded a $1.9 million grant by the National Institutes of Health

Professor Karen Payton of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and her collaborators from MIT--Julie Greenberg, Louis D. Braida, Ray Goldsworthy, Charlotte M. Reed and Lorraine A. Delhorne-- were awarded a multi-million dollar grant by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The grant, from NIH's Hearing Program for $1.9 million, is a 5-year grant and is effective Fall 2006.

Dr. Payton works on developing signal processing techniques for improving the hearing of those who are hearing impaired. She and her graduate students have published extensively in this field. She has been with the ECE department since 1989.    

Author:  "Dayalan Kasilingam"
Date:  24-May-2006
Department:   College Of Engineering - Ece

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