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Study: Businesses need to engage customers in the blogosphere

Center for Marketing Research interviewed 74 bloggers to learn best practices and emerging strategies

Twenty-first century businesses need to understand and utilize the blogosphere if they are to succeed in the future, according to a study released today by the UMass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research.

The study, based on interviews with 74 of the world's top bloggers,  can be downloaded at

"Blogging takes time, commitment, and honesty," says the study authored by Center Director Nora Ganim Barnes. "In return, connections are made that are personal and strong. Blogs are not a fad. They are no longer even an option. Those businesses that choose to remain outside this online conversation, will be sidelined. Eventually they will become extinct."

The study concludes that smart businesses will develop strategies to take advantage of millions of blog conversations that are occurring around the world each day. "Consumers will move about the wired world in search of products and services that meet their needs," the study states. "Every serious business needs to have a presence in this electronic global marketplace. But there is more. Businesses need to listen to other conversations that are happening around them. This includes responding to other blog posts and comments."

This report, like the blogosphere itself, is based on conversation. Through extensive written comments, phone interviews and numerous online exchanges, rich data was collected, Barnes said.

Dr. Barnes can be reached at 508.999.8756 or at


Author:  "John Hoey"
Date:  14-Jun-2006
Department:   Center for Marketing Research

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