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Press Release: Professor Morgan J. Peters Receives President's Creative Economy Fund Grant for Lore Music Group Project

Professor Morgan J. Peters Receives President's Creative Economy Fund Grant for Lore Music Group Project

Greater New Bedford regional soul, jazz and dance music artists are closer to attaining increased national exposure thanks to a $26,000 grant from the 2008 President's Creative Economy Fund.

Author:  John Hoey
Date:  October 15, 2008
Department:   English
UMass President Jack M. Wilson said that funds are given to projects that support the contributions of the arts, humanities and social sciences to the social and cultural strength of the Commonwealth. "Economic strength does not depend solely on the business sector and emerging technologies; we must also recognize that any effective approach to economic development cannot ignore the social, cultural and ethical dimensions of a healthy economy," he said.

UMass Dartmouth's Assistant Professor of English Morgan J. Peters will spearhead the LORE Music Group Project which involves exploring the use of Internet-based promotion and sales of locally generated sound recordings to preserve and enhance New Bedford's soul and jazz musical traditions.

The objective is to expand opportunities for local musicians and generate income from sales as well as increase bookings and performances.

In addition, Dr. Frank Muller-Karger, dean of the School for Marine Science and Technology, will participate in a $48,000 initiative entitled, "Developing the University of Massachusetts as a Leader in Growing the Green Economy."

Led by UMass Boston's Associate Vice Provost Joan Becker, the project seeks to position the UMass system as a leading force, resource and promoter of "Green Economy" jobs and build on the work of the UMass Clean Energy Working Group.
Collaborators Professor Ken Geiser and Program Director Cathy Crumbley from the UMass Lowell Center for Sustainable Production will share insights about the Clean Tech and Green Buildings projects on their campus.

"Support for diversity, multiculturalism, human rights, wise and just public policy and vibrant cultural initiatives are all areas in which the University's faculty members make important contributions to our state," Wilson said.





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