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Press Release: Web-based One Stop Info Center Launched

Web-based One Stop Info Center Launched

New virtual center provides 24/7 information access to parents, future and current students, faculty and staff.

Author:  John Hoey
Date:  April 16, 2009
Department:   Admissions
The University's Enrollment Center has been providing a "one stop" location on the ground floor of the Foster Administration for students to handle registration, financial aid and billing transactions for many years.

Now, the University is introducing a single web-based one stop information center for students and parents that they can access from anywhere at any time.

By clicking on the "One Stop" link on the top right corner of the university home page at umassd.edu or by going directly to umassd.edu/onestop, students and parents can find answers to all of the questions they may have about attending UMass Dartmouth.

From the One Stop Information Center home page, there is easy access to billing information, class registration schedules, financial aid requirements, housing options, scholarship opportunities and other crucial information.  

Additionally, visitors will find reminders of upcoming deadlines and important pending events relating to the enrollment services.  

While the site is designed to provide quick reference information for students and their parents, it is also a valuable resource for faculty and staff who assist our students in successfully managing their UMass Dartmouth experience.

Check it out at umassd.edu/onestop.





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