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Press Release: 308 Degrees Awarded at Graduate Commencement

308 Degrees Awarded at Graduate Commencement

Many firsts celebrated; Campus architect honored

Author:  John Hoey
Date:  May 23, 2009
Department:   News & Public Information
UMass Dartmouth awarded 308 master's a doctorate degrees at its Graduate Commencement Ceremony today. The ceremony included the first awards of doctorate degrees in bio-medical engineering (1) and marine science (3); first master's degrees in public policy (9), and first degrees awarded by the new School of Education, Public Policy and Civic Engagement (31 -- 22 in teaching and 9 in public policy).

"One of our great missions here at UMass Dartmouth --especially in our graduate programs --is to expand our research and knowledge creation engine,'' UMass Dartmouth Chancellor Jean F. MacCormack, told graduates, family, friends, and faculty gathered for the celebration. "Preparing students who are innovative, entreprenurial, and highly skilled is part of fueling that engine and certainly how we will build a bright economic, cultural and environmental future here in our region, across the Commonwealth, and beyond. We accepted you into your programs as some of the best and the brightest and we are now prepared to sent you out into our global village to make your mark."

Commencement speaker and honorary degree recipient Henry Grattan Gill, Jr., an architect who played lead role in construction of UMass Dartmouth campus, said, "So we must be good observers of our environment and be discriminating in our future choices of housing, the workplace, shopping and recreation. That will come again when this recession is behind us and you can think again of your valuable time spent here at UMass Dartmouth. And then, you'll all be smiling, for you'll remember that you have lots to smile about."

Representing the graduate students, PhD candidate Akhilesh Shrestha, said, "These years have not only instilled in me advanced knowledge in my field of study, but have also taught me about humility, gratitude, moral values, integrity, compassion, and life in general.

Director of Northeast Maritime Institute and alumnus Sid Martin, urged graduates to, "Study how you and others think.  I've had people tell me that they don't understand how I think.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  Don't just think outside of the box; look at your problems sideways, from the bottom, and any other angle to find the solution to a problem."

Representing the facult, Professor of Nursing Gail Russell, said, "Remember that your creativity and hard work will build a world that many of us cannot even imagine and will not live to see. Remember that your dignity as an individual,  your humanity, the integrity of your mind, spirit and principle will make your work relevant and important. Choose this journey of discovery. Fill you future with adventure. Become a fully enfranchised citizen of world."

Please visit www.umassd.edu/publicaffairs for full texts of prepared speeches and additional commencement information for media.






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