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Press Release: Provost message to faculty re H1N1

Provost message to faculty re H1N1

Provost Anthony Garro sent the following message to the UMass Dartmouth faculty October 29.

Author:  Anthony Garro
Date:  October 29, 2009
Department:   Academic Affairs / Provost
Dear Faculty,

In recent days, we have seen an increase in the number of students walking
into the Health Center and reporting flu-like symptoms.  We are also aware
that students are visiting local walk-in clinics.  This coincides with
increases in reported cases throughout the region. With this information
in mind, and as the normal flu season approaches, I want to remind faculty
of the need to be proactive in the classroom,  asking students to not
attend class if they have flu-like symptoms.

Further, a few students who are ill are returning to class because they
report that faculty are not accommodating exam or other class requirements
to their health needs.  Some professors are requiring written
confirmation.  The Health Center is unable to provide such notes and
furthermore public health officials have asked that notes not be required.

I again ask that faculty please be flexible regarding make-up exams and
assignments and refrain from requiring written medical confirmation.  Of
course, there are students who may take advantage of this situation;
however, this potential circumstance is outweighed by the need to protect
the larger UMass Dartmouth community from spread of the disease.

Please refer to the Provost website to review my September 10, 2009
message regarding H1N1 planning.


Thank you.

Anthony J. Garro
Provost and Vice Chancellor
For Academic Affairs





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