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Press Release: Erin Dziedzic '03 continues fast rise in art world

Erin Dziedzic '03 continues fast rise in art world

Erin Dziedzic '03 continues fast rise in art world

Author:  Robert Lamontagne [Contact]
Date:  April 15, 2013
Department:   College of Visual & Performing Arts
In just the newest sign of her fast rise in the art world, Erin Dziedzic, a 2003 CVPA magna cum laude graduate in art history, has been appointed curator of Kansas City's Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art after a national search.

Erin will now lead one of the Midwest's greatest collections of modern art, which welcomes 130,000 visitors a year. She'll be leaving Savannah College of Art and Design, where she is currently curator, and where she earned her MFA after graduating from UMass Dartmouth.

Erin, a native of Palmer, Mass., also founded and edits artcorejournal.net, an online biannual journal dedicated to contemporary art.

Kemper Director Barbara O'Brien called Erin "a tremendous talent whose work on ambitious and dynamic exhibitions and public programs...showed creativity and an ability to envision a new relationship between exhibitions, public events and engaged museum visitors."

For her part, Erin said she is "thrilled to begin working in the exciting new position of Curator and Head of Adult Programs at the Kemper Museum," and she looks forward to "develop[ing] exhibitions that speak to the mission of the Museum and engage with the Kansas City and broader surrounding communities."

To learn more, visit: http://www.kemperart.org/general/documents/DziedzicRelease.asp.





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