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Press Release: UMass Dartmouth Endeavors Showcase How to Change the World

UMass Dartmouth Endeavors Showcase How to Change the World

Endeavor Scholars Showcase Academic & Civic Leadership

Author:  Joseph Sullivan [Contact]
Date:  April 29, 2014
Department:   Civic Engagement
Dartmouth, MA (April 29, 2014) -- UMass Dartmouth Endeavor Scholars presented at the "Endeavor to Change the World" event, Thursday, April 24, 2014, at UMass Dartmouth's Woodland Commons. Endeavor Scholarships are awarded each year to students based on academic achievement, leadership experience, and dedication to community service. The evening will include presentations by Endeavor Leadership Scholars and portfolio reviews showcasing how UMass Dartmouth Endeavors are changing the world.

Global Presentations featured were:

Nura Walters, Illustration/Animation major
Serving at the European Baha'i House of Worship

Aubrie Brault, English
Learning About & Working with the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head

Kiley Alpaugh, Psychology
Animal & World Awareness

Roshani Baidwak, Nursing
Think Globally, Act Locally

Samantha Smith, Biology
Immersive Global Health: My Week in Ghana

The Class of 2014 Endeavor Scholars also presented their portfolios by way of poster presentations throughout the event. The portfolios on review included students:

Jacqueline Bousquet, Nursing
Change Agent Project: Participatory Action Research at Our Sisters' School

Paula Cruz, Nursing
Change Agent Project: The Development of the Endeavor Leadership Scholars Program

Sydney Callan, Accounting
Change Agent Project: Endeavors Adopt a Habitat

Give-Lord Francisque, Economics
Change Agent Project: Partners in Development

Kerrin Hanna, Accounting
Change Agent Project: Endeavors Adopt a Habitat

Julie Hoyt, Biology
Change Agent Project: Workers' Education Program Conversation Partner

Anna-Rae LeClaire, Nursing
Change Agent Project: Creating a Culture of Support for Survivors

Ashley Nunez, Philosophy
Change Agent Project: Holistic Learning Approach for Sustainability Education

Dionisios Hologitas, Biology
Change Agent Project: Reinventing the Remembrance Tree

Julian Jiminian, Bioengineering
Change Agent Project: Partnerships for Change and College Knowledge

Marissa Mattei, Nursing
Change Agent Project: Hope for Hospice

Emily Reinauer, Illustration
Change Agent Project: Building a Local Foundation for Haitian Relief

Jessica Rice, Philosophy
Change Agent Project: Volunteer Program at New Bedford High School

Kristen Shaban, Nursing
Change Agent Project: Cultural Competence - It's Not Just for Professionals

Sowmya Takkellapati, Biology
Change Agent Project: You Can Save a Life on Campus

Allison Romero, Illustration
Change Agent Project: Building a Local Foundation for Haitian Relief

Amanda W. Stubbs, Chemistry
Change Agent Project: MCAS Tutoring for Local High School Students

Victoria Wood, Sociology
Change Agent Project: Empowering a New Generation of Leaders: A Social Justice
Approach to Teaching Civics

In 2010, UMass Dartmouth received an anonymous gift to establish the Endeavor Scholars program. Focused on expanding educational opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities, the Endeavor Scholarship rewards academic merit and leadership capability and provides recipients with a full-cost scholarship for eight semesters.  As part of this program, awardees must fully engage in academic, as well as co-curricular activities, and reside in a living/learning environment on-campus with other Endeavor Scholars.  

In addition to rigorous academic programming, the Endeavor Scholars spend many hours in leadership training/classes and community service.  Each student has a capstone project, in which they design and implement a program, event, or research project related to their passion for community service.  The awardees represent a broad socio-economic range and academic interest. Mentorship and collaboration are critical underpinnings of this program's success.

The program relies on partnerships at the local, regional, statewide, national, and international level to support students' efforts to be change agents. The Endeavor Scholar Program's partners include Our Sister's School, Artworks, Raw Haiti, Buttonwood Park Zoo, local K-12 schools, Boys & Girl Club, Ocean Explorium, YWCA SouthCoast, Big Brother/Big Sister, and Partners in Development.





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