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Course Listings

Note regarding classes showing as Non-Enrollment sections:

Labs or recitations will be listed as Non-Enrollment sections. When choosing a class with a lab or recitation (Non-Enrollment section), both the class and the recitation must be noted and used at the same time to register (enroll) in a class. See below for an example:

CHM 152 01 is a class with associated recitations, CHM 152 01R1, CHM 152 01R2, CHM 152 01R3 (Non-Enrollment sections). Enrollment sections AND Non-Enrollment sections must be used together when enrolling. Always remember to note Class Nbr for both the main class (Enrollment section) and the associated labs or recitations (Non-Enrollment sections).

To begin your registration process and find out about extended hours for accessing the system, visit COIN.





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