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Sabbatical Exhibition: Artists' Talk

Date & Time: Thursday , 12/06/2012
from 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM
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Location: CVPA Campus Gallery, UMass Dartmouth
Admission: Free!
Sponsored by: Cvpa
Contact: Viera Levitt
Description: Please join us for the artists’ talk on Thursday, December 6, from 7 to 8pm

The Sabbatical Exhibition at the CVPA Campus Gallery showcases four UMass Dartmouth professors and the results of their quest to improve their design, installation, sculptural and painting work through active sabbatical research. Jean-François Allaux, Laura Franz, Rebecca Hutchinson, and Tony Miraglia went in depth and, in some cases, abroad, in an attempt to explore their personal artistic inspirations as well as the themes and concepts that drive their work.

“As a child in colonial Morocco, I spent many afternoons with my father visiting the potters whose primitive kilns dotted the landscape on the outskirts of Rabat, bringing home a variety of clays from which I fashioned an ever-expanding menagerie of animals and figures. At the age of twelve, I was accepted in the studio of Russian sculptor Marounia de la Serve where my evenings were spent doing clay modeling and figure drawing for the next five years. Then, illustration took over. While in Marseille on my sabbatical semester, I was drawn anew to the magic of a potter's world, visiting many studios in Provence and bringing back home clays of different hues. Exploring new forms of artistic expression in the context of a complex French melting pot had been my goal. And while I studied calligraphy, attended many figure drawing sessions and attempted new media and graphic approaches, I kept going back to my clay, thrilled by the miracle of watching life emerge from mud. The diversity and contrasts of Marseille have guided the work presented here. Diversity of people as well as of emotions. I have tried to capture the grace of a young Romanian gypsy glimpsed on a street, the nobility of a Comoro Islander leaving a nearby mosque. I have attempted to convey the passion of love and the folly of violence. I have also endeavored to express the sense of dislocation, rejection, longing and social injustice felt by a large immigrant population.”

“I spent my sabbatical focusing on the details of web typography, testing web type solutions and publishing the results. I researched typefaces and lettering in old books, journals, and broadsides in order to contextualize web fonts, and learned to use voice software in order to test the accessibility of web type solutions for sight-impaired web users. I also learned to create a customized WordPress site in order to share web font recommendations with others. In this exhibition, I share videos for a course I developed for (Choosing and Using Web Fonts), as well as screenshots of articles and my online web font specimen site,”

“During my sabbatical, I conceptually explored viewing peak and vivacious bloom in nature and its negotiation within its surroundings. This content development has specifically encouraged new wooden structures engaging with built paper clay growth. Realizing growth orientation materially within specific contexts, I additionally initiated and learned new technical paper clay construction methodology which consisted of utilizing papermaking processes; casting, large-scale sheet formation construction, paper clay mache, slip and pulp painting, and embossing. Each of the two built installation pieces (solo show opening at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design and solo show opening at Linda Darke Gallery, Houston, Texas) is significant in its use of new individual components from newly learned construction methods, thousands of parts per installation.”

“I began my sabbatical leave in January of 2012 with the goals of painting every day and conducting historical research on the work and life of Antoni Tàpies, a Catalan painter, who died at the age of 88 on February 2012. In June, I spent some time at the Fundacio Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona..."
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