CVPA Health & Safety Manual



Safety Manual Committee

Artists, artisans, designers, and students in general are exposed to a number of potentially hazardous materials and processes in our studios. Knowledge of hazards and proper studio procedures, coupled with an attitude of respect and mental alertness, will help ensure that our workspaces are safe and healthy.

The recommendations contained in this manual are based on information obtained from safety and health publications, experts in the field, discussions with artists, and our own experience as artists, teachers, and managers of studio activity. These recommendations are presented as written standards of practice,and should be regarded as firm guidelines for safe and healthy activity in all of our studios at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

As students you have a responsibility to be physically and mentally alert, aware of safety and health issues, follow policies and procedures designed to protect you, and report all incidents or accidents so that steps may be taken to prevent recurrence.

As faculty and administration we have the responsibility for providing as safe working conditions as is possible, educating students about potential hazards and proper procedures, and enforcing policies for safe practice.