University Art Gallery

An Installation by MARGUERITE WHITE

November 10, 2005 - January 12, 2006

"Imagine this: You've just woken up as your ship has anchored in a strange harbor. You ask: Where am I? (Marseille? Hong Kong? Alexandria? New Bedford?) And what century is this anyway?"

Marguerite White holds an undergraduate degree from Rhode Island School of Design, and a graduate degree from University of Texas in Austin. She was artist in residence in Gloucester, MA, earlier this year, and just completed a wall mural, TIME TABLE, on the State Pier of New Bedford as part of a public art program administered by the University Art Gallery and AHA! (Art, History, Architecture) with funding from the City of New Bedford and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Marguerite White was born and grew up in the Greater Boston area. She has lived for extended periods of time in Europe, especially on the canals of Amsterdam and on the Rhein in Cologne. In the US she for a long time kept a home base on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine, while traveling to paint on Coney Island, in New Orleans and Boston, and on Nantucket. She currently lives and maintains a studio and installation space in Newton, MA.

Although a painter, Marguerite White has focused much of her energy since 2002 on the creation of installations. In 2004 she created a shadow installation in Chateau La Napoule in Southern France.

The mural on the State Pier is placed above a quote from the Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa: "God Placed Danger and the Abyss in the Sea, but He Also Made it Heaven's Mirror." It will remain on view while the installation is featured at the University Art Gallery.

About the installation, PORT OF ENTRY, Marguerite White has said, "I am at heart a storyteller. This space, these images, are clues to what is happening. Please create your own path through this environment."

Marguerite White's love of harbors, boats and the sea, is clearly present in TIME TABLE and PORT OF ENTRY. Like Pessoa, she moves among collective images and factual details, while navigating dreams and danger. By projecting cut-outs, Marguerite White lets us participate in a theatrical performance, where we become shadows among shadows, but where our longings and fears appear more real than ever.

Lasse Antonsen, Curator

The installation can be considered a project of the New Bedford Cabinet of Natural History, and viewed as a commentary on, and a tribute to, the seafaring individuals and nations, whose sense of adventure, fanaticism, scientific curiosity, greed, and search for the Other in the primitive, and for the culturally superior in the Far East, have defined who we are today.

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