University Art Gallery

Artist's Books & Book Art Objects
An Invitational Exhibition

October 26, 2006 - January 13, 2007

Organized by Lasse B. Antonsen and Janine Wong

Artist's Books and Book Art Objects, is an invitational exhibition featuring the work of 18 artists, most of them faculty at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, in the College of Visual and Performing Arts. The faculty participating represents the areas of Fine Arts, Design and Artisanry. Additional work on view is by former graduate students who are now working artists in the New Bedford area, or by other area artists who have done recent work focusing on books.

Many artists who are otherwise engaged in artistic fields such as painting, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, weaving and fiber work, or work in the different design areas, often engage in making artist's books. These books are usually handmade and labor intensive, and almost always result in a limited edition, or in a single example. These artist's books usually follow a traditional format that consists of pages and bindings, but are almost always innovative in terms of technique and style, thereby challenging the usual notions of what a book is.

Other artists focus on the book as subject matter in their art. The focus is then on the book as an object or an idea. This approach can take many different directions, from a painting shaped as a book with open pages, to a photograph of book pages dissolving in the rain. Other works depict books in textile, metal, clay or wood.

The Artist's Book and Book Art Objects exhibition is co-curated by Janine Wong, Professor in Design, and the Gallery Director, Lasse Antonsen.

The exhibition will be documented in a catalog that will in itself be an artist's book. The catalog is expected to be available some time in December.

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