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September 23 - October 21, 2006

Robert Beauchamp was born in Denver in 1923. His earliest studies were at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and at Cranbrook. He also served in the Army during WWII, from 1943-46.

In 1950 he moved to New York for two years of study with the renowned German painter, Hans Hoffman. Although Beauchamp had mostly trained as an abstract artist, by the time he had his first one-person exhibition at the Tanager Gallery in 1954, his work had begun to be populated by figurative elements, especially animals, birds and the nude female.

Beauchamp's work effortlessly blends innovative style elements with narrative, descriptive images. One senses equal enjoyment in the manipulation of, and interaction with, color and paint, and the often sudden and unexpected presence of a wasp or a lump of sugar.

Although active and prolific up to his death in 1995, this exhibition focuses on Beauchamp's work from the 1960s. Most of the work from the 1960s is untitled. This period was especially rich and inventive, and seems to parallel developments within American illustration, foreshadowing many of its current practitioners. This is also the period that placed him on the map as a significant young American figurative painter after years of New York Abstract Expressionism.

This exhibition was co-curated by Gallery Director, Lasse Antonsen, and Robert Beauchamp's widow, Nadine Beauchamp.

Nadine Beauchamp will present a video on the artist, followed by a slide presentation, on November 12, at 7:30 PM.

The exhibition was organized in collaboration with the David Finlay Jr. Gallery in New York.

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