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You can access the online directory alphabetically by name or department. Click on "Name" or "Department" and then choose a letter.

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Name (click for details) Department Phone Number
MacInnis, Mika Counseling & Student Development Center 508-999-8650
Mackenzie, Keith Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship 508-910-9818
Magnusson, Kathleen Admissions 508-999-9106
Mahoney, Kelley University Marketing 508-910-6620
Mahoney, Kevin Athletics 508-999-9179
Mahoney, Michael University Marketing 508-999-8013
Malenfant, Wendy CITS / Learning Space Operations 508-999-8447
Mandly, Ellen Women's Studies 508-910-4586
Mangold, Amy Chancellor's Office 508-999-8006

Mann, David 
Financial Systems & Reporting Manager
Sponsored Projects Administration
Foster Administration, Room: 001
Phone: 508-999-8965
Fax: 508-999-8868
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Marden, Gary Center for Civic Engagement 508-999-8152
Marsden, Tabitha Admissions 508-999-8608
Marshall, Douglas Biology 508-999-8207
Mason, Scott Housing & Residential Education 508-910-4115
Matsumoto, May Faculty Federation 508-999-8067
Maucione, Justin University Marketing 508-999-8694
McAlister, Mark Public Safety 508-999-8107
McCoy, Shakira Public Safety 508-999-8107
McCree, Tracy Portuguese 508-910-6586
McDevitt, Maureen Library / Access Services 508-999-9123
McGarty, Scott Center for Rehabilitation Engineering 508-999-8214
McLennan, Gordon Advising, Support & Planning Office 508-910-6956
McManus, Maryjane Financial Aid / Student Employment 508-999-8647
Medeiros, Christine Health Services 508-999-8986
Medeiros, Louisa College of Arts & Sciences 508-999-8352
Medeiros, Paula Erenberg Artisanry 508-999-8893
Meggison, Thomas Center for Rehabilitation Engineering 508-999-8482
Mello, Jeannette CITS / Systems Development & Integration 508-999-8429
Mello, Joanne Library / Technical Services 508-999-8668
Mello, Steven Public Safety 508-999-8770
Melloni, Suzanne Advising, Support & Planning Office 508-999-9299
Melo, Carla Workers' Education Program 508-999-0981
Mendell, Thomas Athletics 508-999-8124
Mendes, Natalie College of Visual & Performing Arts 508-999-9295
Mendes, Victor Portuguese 508-999-8338
Mercure, Leslie Human Resources 508-910-6474
Mete, Anna Educational Leadership 508-910-9039
Meunier, Normand CITS / Network & Telecommunications 508-910-6495
Michael, Bartlett SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences 508-910-6325
Michaud, Janet Center for University School Community Partnerships 774-929-3033
Migneault, Christine Enrollment Services Center 508-999-8039
Miles, Sherri University Marketing 508-999-9209
Miller, Joy Design 508-999-8463
Miller, Juma Decision & Information Sciences 508-999-8862
Minghella, Jesse Facilities 508-910-6867
Miranda, Brian CITS / IT Service Center 508-999-8958
Mitchell, Louise Advancement Office 508-999-8230
Mitchell, Jr., William Campus Services 508-910-6934
Mofford, Kari Library / Access Services 508-999-8865
Monahan, Karen Economics 508-910-6889
Moniz, Alexandra University Extension 508-910-9072
Moniz, Nancy Law School / Enrollment Center 508-985-1114
Mooney, Patricia International Student & Scholar Center 508-910-6633
Moore, Donna Frederick Douglass Unity House 508-999-9222
Morotti, Robert CITS / IT Service Center 508-999-8685
Motta, Catherine Athletics 508-910-6462
Mulcare-Sullivan, Jennifer WUMD FM 89.3 508-999-8149
Mullins, James Athletics 508-910-6930
Murphy, Jennifer College of Engineering 508-910-6959
Murray, Selyna Health Services 508-999-8123
Muscarella, Eileen Management & Marketing 508-999-8446
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Emergency on campus: 508-999-9191 or x9191

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