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You can access the online directory alphabetically by name or department. Click on "Name" or "Department" and then choose a letter.

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Name (click for details) Department Phone Number
Pacheco, Amy Public Safety 508-910-6912
Pacheco, Melissa Charlton College of Business 508-910-9066
Pacheco, Michael CITS / Enterprise Systems Administration 508-910-6642
Pacheco, Richard CITS / Network & Telecommunications 508-910-6988
Pacheco, Sonia Library / Archives & Special Collections 508-999-8695
Paciulan, Greg Campus Services 508-910-6442
Paige, Mark Educational Leadership 508-910-9037
Pallozzi, David Law School / Admissions 508-985-1118
Palmer, Ceniya Admissions 508-999-9107
Papenhausen, Chris Management & Marketing 508-999-9218
Paraskeva, Joao Educational Leadership 508-910-6697
Parayitam, Satyanarayana Management & Marketing 508-910-6501
Parelman, Amy Writing & Reading Center / ARC 508-910-6410

Parker, Callie 
Resident Director
Housing & Residential Education
Oak Glen Hall, Room: RD Office
Phone: 774-929-2949
Fax: 774-929-3024
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Parker, Juli Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality 508-910-4582
Parkinson, Chantal Chancellor's Office 508-999-8029
Patota, MaryAnn Enrollment Services Center 508-999-8775
Paynton, Pamela Financial Aid 508-999-8643
Payton, Karen Electrical & Computer Engineering 508-999-8434
Paz-y-Mino, Guillermo Biology 508-999-8226
Peck, Robert College of Engineering 508-999-8539
Pedlow, Teal Psychology 508-999-8341
Pedro, David University Extension 508-910-9070
Pelland, Kenneth Athletics 508-999-8319
Pelletier, Suzanne Foreign Literature & Languages 508-999-8333
Peltz-Steele, Richard Law School / Faculty 508-985-1102
Pennock, Kimberley Human Resources 508-999-8073
Pereira, Alfonso Facilities 508-999-8100
Pereira, Kendra Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality 508-910-4584
Pereira, Manny Facilities 508-999-8116
Perkins, Nancy Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8329
Perry, Catherine Counseling & Student Development Center 508-999-8648
Perry, David Public Safety 508-999-8107
Perry, David G. Counseling & Student Development Center 508-999-8650
Perry, Jocelyn CITS / Access Management 508-910-6631
Perry, Jonathan Athletics 508-999-8738
Perry, Laura Admissions 508-999-9198
Peter, Chris English 508-999-8289
Peters, Jill Mathematics 508-999-8316
Peters, Morgan English 508-999-8304
Peterson, Sonja Nursing / Community 508-999-8159
Peteva, Elena Fine Arts 508-999-9289
Petitpas, Christian SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography 508-910-6385
Picard, Charlene Advancement Office 508-999-8800
Picard, Stefanie Office of Research Development 508-910-9867
Piccone, Maria Sponsored Projects Administration 508-910-9068
Pickering, Kevin Athletics 508-999-9155
Pietruszka, John English 508-999-8441
Pilskaln, Cynthia SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences 508-910-6327
Pina, Rebecca Accounts Payable 508-999-8189
Pinsonneault, Joanne Workers' Education Program 508-999-0981
Pinto, Ann Marie CITS / Administration 508-999-8033
Pisapia, Cindy Honors Program 508-999-8820
Plaud, Michelle Sponsored Projects Administration 508-999-8509
Plaw, Avery Political Science 508-999-8840
Ploskonka, Stacy Student Activities 508-999-8163
Pontbriand, Robert History 508-999-8602
Porada, Catherine Housing & Residential Education 508-999-8995
Porto, Lisa Political Science 508-999-8369
Potter, Jason Law School / Faculty 508-985-1191
Poudrier-Aaronson, Lucinda Housing & Residential Education 508-999-8145
Powers, Ted Psychology 508-910-6906
Preble, Mark Administrative & Fiscal Services 508-999-8021
Prentiss, David Political Science 508-999-8369
Prince, Robert Athletics 508-999-8721
Proc, Thomas Facilities 508-999-8100
Pryor, Donna College of Visual & Performing Arts 508-999-8904
Przybyla, Peter Law School / Financial Services 508-985-1101
Puri, Tribhuvan Accounting & Finance 508-999-8759
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