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You can access the online directory alphabetically by name or department. Click on "Name" or "Department" and then choose a letter.

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Name (click for details) Department Phone Number
Gabbert, Sherri Dining Services 508-910-6953
Gagne, Raymond Facilities 508-999-8100
Galarza, Jose Bursar 508-999-8972
Gangopadhyay, Avijit SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences 508-910-6330
Gannon, Sharon Financial Aid 508-999-8636
Gardiner, Stephen Athletics 508-910-6470
Gardner, Catherine Office of Faculty Development 508-910-6534
Gardner, Catherine Philosophy 508-999-8253
Gardner, Kent SMAST / Administration 508-910-9027
Gardner, Kristina Campus Master Planning / Capital Projects 508-910-6424
Garfield, Joanne Library / Dean's Office 508-999-8669
Garron, Christopher Library / Systems & Digital Services 508-999-8980
Gatenby, Damon CITS / Instructional Development 508-910-6882
Gauvin, Marcelle Music 508-999-8568

Geldmacher, Peter 
Construction Project Manager
Campus Master Planning / Capital Projects
Foster Administration, Room: 008 E
Phone: 508-999-8938
Fax: 508-999-8120
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Gelfuso, Jo-Ann Philosophy 508-999-8347
Gelmi, Caroline English 508-910-6927
Gempp, Bruce Campus Master Planning / Capital Projects 508-999-8780
Gendron, Paul Electrical & Computer Engineering 508-999-8510
George, Jillian Administrative & Fiscal Services 508-999-8165
Georgianna, Daniel SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography 508-910-6378
Germano, Katelyn Admissions 508-999-8014
Gibbons, Kevin Dining Services 508-999-8175
Gilbert, Judith Enrollment Services Center 508-999-8866
Gilmore, Edward Dining Services 508-999-9213
Girard, Linda College of Arts & Sciences 508-999-8268
Glatman, Elena Sponsored Projects Administration 508-910-6958
Goehringer Toner, Dale SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences 508-910-6325
Gomes, Damon Public Safety 508-999-8109
Gomes, David Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 508-999-8192
Gomes, Diane CITS / IT Service Center 508-999-8828
Gomes, Dionne Administrative & Fiscal Services 508-999-8097
Gomes Jr., David CITS / Network & Telecommunications 508-910-6459
Goncalves-Currey, Dora Foreign Literature & Languages 508-999-8340
Gonsalves, Chakira Public Safety 508-999-8107
Gonzalez, Ana Campus Services 508-999-8132
Goodine, Elizabeth Academic Resource Center 508-999-9273
Goodine, Elizabeth Honors Program 508-999-8820
Goodman, Michael Public Policy 508-910-6986
Goodson, David Chemistry & Biochemistry 508-999-8420
Gottlieb, Sigal Mathematics 508-999-8205
Gouck, Neal Charlton College of Business 508-999-8261
Govindraj, Suvinda CITS / IT Service Center 508-999-8146
Graca, Wendy Center for Access and Success 508-999-8711
Grace, Romayne Student Transition & Achievement Resource Center 508-999-8362
Grady, Diana Center for University School Community Partnerships 774-929-3034
Gray, Joseph Law School / IT Service Center 508-985-1122
Greenfield, Brian Facilities 508-999-8100
Gregory, Matthew University Extension 508-910-9056
Gregory, Patricia Upward Bound 508-999-8713
Griffin, Michael Accounting & Finance 508-910-6947
Griffin, Ruth Nursing / Community 508-910-6533
Gross, Dawn Library / Technical Services 508-999-8673
Grossi, Matthew SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences 508-910-6377
Gucler, Beste STEM Education & Teacher Development 508-910-6952
Guertin, Daniel Athletics 508-999-8726
Gulbrandsen, Karen English 508-910-6932
Gunasekaran, Angappa Charlton College of Business 508-999-9187
Gunnam, Manideep CITS / IT Development 508-999-9128
Guo, Maolin Chemistry & Biochemistry 508-999-8871
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Telephone Numbers:

When calling from on campus, use the last 4 digits only

Emergency on campus: 508-999-9191 or x9191

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