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You can access the online directory alphabetically by name or department. Click on "Name" or "Department" and then choose a letter.

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Name (click for details) Department Phone Number
Biron, Ronald Philosophy 508-999-9118
Donahue, Charles Philosophy 508-999-8506
Eckert, Maureen Philosophy 508-999-8348
Fields, Keota Philosophy 508-999-8506
Gardner, Catherine Philosophy 508-999-8253
Mulnix, Jennifer Philosophy 508-910-6869
Nulty, Timothy Philosophy 508-999-8766
Walden, Asher Philosophy 508-910-6097
Bedard, Anne-Marie Physics 508-999-8354
Fisher, Robert Physics 508-999-8353
Hirshfeld, Alan Physics 508-999-8715
Hsu, J.P. Physics 508-999-8363
Kagan, David Physics 508-910-6604
Khanna, Gaurav Physics 508-910-6605
O'Rielly, Grant Physics 508-999-8483
Rajapakse, Renuka Physics 508-999-8354
Silva, John Physics 508-999-8356
Volkema, Glenn Physics 508-999-8365
Wang, Jay Physics 508-999-9136
Zarrillo, Marguerite Physics 508-999-9268
Achilov, Dilshod Political Science 508-910-6489
Baum, Michael Political Science 508-999-8996
Berggren, Heidi Political Science 508-999-8272
Darst, Robert Political Science 508-999-8989
Fobanjong, John Political Science 508-999-9177
Freitag, Melissa Political Science 508-999-8369
Jenkins, Shannon Political Science 508-999-8036
Manning, Kenneth Political Science 508-999-8366
Plaw, Avery Political Science 508-999-8840
Porto, Lisa Political Science 508-999-8369
Prentiss, David Political Science 508-999-8369
Roscoe, Douglas Political Science 508-999-8519
Sandby-Thomas, Peter Political Science 508-999-9141
Almeida, Carlos Portuguese 508-910-6586
Borim, Dario Portuguese 508-910-6609
Klobucka, Anna Portuguese 508-999-8241
Larkosh, Christopher Portuguese 508-999-6291
McCree, Tracy Portuguese 508-910-6586
Mendes, Victor Portuguese 508-999-8338
Silva, Glaucia Portuguese 508-999-8271
Burns, Jeffrey Print Shop 508-999-8063
Fusco, Sharon Print Shop 508-999-8064
Arkerson, Robin Psychology 508-910-6955
Ayotte, Brian Psychology 508-999-9206
Baker, Sandra Psychology 508-999-8380
Barrett, Rowland Psychology 508-999-8442
Boone, R. Thomas Psychology 508-999-8440

Burr, Robin 
Full Time Lecturer
Liberal Arts, Room: 349
Phone: 508-999-8761
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Carlini, Ralph Psychology 508-999-8384
Cipriano, Christina Psychology 508-999-8462
Corriveau, Donald Psychology 508-999-8380
Costar, Edward Psychology 508-999-8384
Dove, Meredith Psychology 508-999-8381
Elfenbein, Morton Psychology 508-999-8377
Fugate, Jennifer Psychology 508-999-8397
Haimson, Barry Psychology 508-999-8380
Hall, Matthew Psychology 508-999-8379
Hartnett, Patrice Psychology 508-999-8361
Hojjat, Mahzad Psychology 508-999-8951
Holden, Kevin Psychology 508-999-8386
Kayyal, Mary Psychology 508-999-8378
Kershaw, Trina Psychology 508-999-8346
Macaulay, Andrea Psychology 508-999-8386
Masse, Joshua Psychology 508-999-8334
O'Hare, Aminda Psychology 508-999-8761
Pace, Gary Psychology 508-999-8349
Pedlow, Teal Psychology 508-999-8341
Powers, Ted Psychology 508-910-6906
Revell, Andrew Psychology 508-999-8385
Richardson, Elizabeth Psychology 508-910-6954
Sims-Knight, Judith Psychology 508-999-8382
Anguelov, Nikolay Public Policy 508-910-6979
Goodman, Michael Public Policy 508-910-6986
McGuire, Chad Public Policy 508-999-8520
Paige, Mark Public Policy 508-910-9037
Beksha-Tinsley, Jodie Public Policy Center 508-990-9660
Borges, David Public Policy Center 508-999-9264
Korejwa, Elise Public Policy Center 508-999-8254
McCarthy, Michael Public Policy Center 508-910-6299
Andrade, Mark Public Safety 508-999-8109
Andrade, Tye Public Safety 508-999-8107
Belliveau, Ernest Public Safety 508-910-6289
Cabral, Lisa Public Safety 508-999-8107
Costa, Kristin Public Safety 508-910-6477
Costa, Leonard Public Safety 508-999-8107
DePaco, Keith Public Safety 508-999-8107
Dore, Maurice Public Safety 508-910-6425
Ferreira, Russell Public Safety 508-999-8107
Fioravanti, Emil Public Safety 508-999-8106
Gomes, Damon Public Safety 508-999-8109
Gonsalves, Chakira Public Safety 508-999-8107
Jorge, Victor Public Safety 508-999-8109
Lima, Henry Public Safety 508-999-8107
McAlister, Mark Public Safety 508-999-8107
McCoy, Shakira Public Safety 508-999-8107
Mello, Steven Public Safety 508-999-8770
Nataly, Mark Public Safety 508-999-8109
Nataly, Michelle Public Safety 508-999-8107
Ovesen, Chester Public Safety 508-999-8107
Perry, David Public Safety 508-999-8107
Reynolds, Michael Public Safety 508-999-8107
Sheehan, Timothy Public Safety 508-999-8768
Sousa, Tracy Public Safety 508-910-6891
Souza, John Public Safety 508-999-8160
Thatcher, Lisa Public Safety 508-999-8107
Tjersland, Craig Public Safety 508-999-8107
Tuttle, Richard Public Safety 508-910-6569
Vanasse, Eric Public Safety 508-999-8109
Walker, Jesse Public Safety 508-999-8107
Frates, Jennifer Purchasing 508-999-8806
Kotecki, Charles Purchasing 508-999-8055
Pina, Rebecca Purchasing 508-999-8189
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