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You can access the online directory alphabetically by name or department. Click on "Name" or "Department" and then choose a letter.

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Name (click for details) Department Phone Number
Cabral, Cheryl College of Nursing / Graduate Program 508-910-6487
Cabral, Lindsey University Extension 508-910-9064
Cabral, Lisa Public Safety 508-999-8107
Cabral, Mary Enrollment Services Center 508-999-8091
Cabral, Paula Law School 508-985-1149
Cabral, Rosa Bursar 508-999-8971
Cabral-Graca, Antoinette Facilities 508-999-8100
Cahill, Julie Law School 508-985-1105
Cain, Annette Law School / Faculty 508-985-1167
Callahan, Audra Registrar 508-999-8620
Camara, Robert Administrative & Fiscal Services 508-999-8096
Campagnone, Jason College of Nursing 508-999-8390
Campbell, Laura Ora M. DeJesus Gerontology Center 508-999-8376
Carlson, Dave Campus Services 508-999-8419
Carns, Diana Art Education, Art History & Media Studies 508-910-6472
Carreiro, Christine University Extension 508-910-9062
Carreiro, Maria Chemistry & Biochemistry 508-999-8232
Carrington, Denise Upward Bound 508-910-9041
Casey, Michael Dining Services 508-999-9252
Casparius, Robert Environmental Health & Safety 508-999-8176
Cassidy, Kyle SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography 508-910-6367
Caswell, Valerie Academic Affairs / Provost 508-999-8024
Chaka, Wendi Center for Access and Success 508-999-8711
Charland, Denise Library / Access Services 508-999-8961
Chekares, Audrey Advising, Support & Planning Office 508-999-8455
Chevalier, Maurice Facilities 508-999-9157
Chiavini, Megan College of Engineering 508-910-6871
Cieto, Douglas Facilities 508-999-8100
Cieto, Michelle Music 508-999-8568
Cochrane, Dottie College of Arts & Sciences 508-910-9050
Conklin, Sarah Counseling & Student Development Center 508-999-8650
Conrad, Annette Receiving 508-999-8028
Cooley, Jo-Ann Library / Access Services 508-999-9170
Cordeiro, Elizabeth Housing & Residential Education 508-999-8992
Cordeiro, Maria Enrollment Services Center 508-999-9203
Correia, Nancy Sponsored Projects Administration 508-999-8195
Cortes, Corinne Academic Resource Center 508-999-8709
Cory, Lester Center for Rehabilitation Engineering 508-999-8482
Costa, Barbara Student Activities 508-999-8645
Costa, Cynthia SMAST / Administration 508-910-6550
Costa, Derek Administrative & Fiscal Services 508-999-8188
Costa, Joanne Human Resources 508-999-8083
Costa, Joseph Facilities 508-999-9189
Costa, Katherine Counseling & Student Development Center 508-999-8648
Costa, Kristin Public Safety 508-910-6477
Costa, Leonard Public Safety 508-999-8107
Costa, Lindsey University Marketing 508-999-9209
Costa, Melissa Law School / Admissions 508-985-1110
Costa, Susan College of Visual & Performing Arts 508-999-8010
Costa, Tammy Bursar 508-999-8973
Couto, Robin College of Nursing 508-999-8898
Coutu, Keith Registrar 508-999-8614
Cowart, Stacy Housing & Residential Education 508-999-4116
Craig, Bridgette Enrollment Services Center 508-999-8854
Crary, Joshua Center for Access and Success 508-999-8711
Cromwell, David Facilities 508-999-8100

Cunha, Susan 
Administrative Assistant I
Mechanical Engineering
Science and Engineering, Room: 116 E
Phone: 508-999-8492
Fax: 508-999-8881
[send email]

Currie, Annmarie Administrative & Fiscal Services 508-999-8023
Cusson, Veronica Financial Aid 508-999-8647
Cywin, Allison Art Education, Art History & Media Studies 508-999-8701
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