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You can access the online directory alphabetically by name or department. Click on "Name" or "Department" and then choose a letter.

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Name (click for details) Department Phone Number
Hable, Whitney Biology 508-999-8206
Hackett, Stephanie Facilities 508-999-8100
Hagan, Susan English 508-999-8289
Hagopian, Kristin Upward Bound 508-999-8894
Haimson, Barry Psychology 508-999-8380
Hall, LaSella Frederick Douglass Unity House 508-999-9220
Hall, Maureen STEM Education & Teacher Development 508-999-8211
Hall, Randy Economics 508-910-6280
Halliwell, Hollie Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8329
Hamlet, Susan Artisanry 508-999-8920
Hamlin, Charlotte Artisanry 508-999-8911
Hampton, Donna Health Services 508-910-6512
Hankins, Laurel English 508-999-9277
Hansen, Carol STEM Education & Teacher Development 508-999-8262
Harding, Lindsay Health Services 508-999-8983
Harris, Jessica Housing & Residential Education 774-929-1500
Harrison, Rebecca Sponsored Projects Administration 508-999-9112
Harrison, Stanley English 508-910-6467
Hart, Elizabeth Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8331
Hartigan, Royal Music 508-999-8572
Hartley, Sharon Kaput Center 774-929-3036
Hartnett, Patrice Psychology 508-999-8361
Hasaba, Ali Medical Laboratory Science 508-910-6870
Hausknecht, Adam Mathematics 508-999-8322
Hawes, Simeon Facilities 508-999-8100
Hawkins, Debbie Nursing / Community 508-910-6519
Hayes, Michael Campus Master Planning / Capital Projects 508-999-8058
He, Pingguo SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography 508-910-6323
Healy, Deirdre Center for Civic Engagement 508-999-8641
Heap, Brian Facilities 508-910-6413
Hebert, Nancy Fitzsimmons Law School / Admissions 508-985-1113
Heffernan, Lorraine Library / Information Services 508-999-8670
Helgeland, Robert Electrical & Computer Engineering 508-999-8487
Hellmuth, Kirk Administrative & Auxiliary Services 508-999-8085
Helm, Peyton Chancellor's Office 508-999-8004
Henley, Anne College of Nursing 508-999-8159
Hensel, Mary Research Development 508-999-8074
Heryudono, Alfa Mathematics 508-999-8516
Hickey, Catherine CITS / Access Management 508-999-8533
Higgins, Wilbur English 508-999-8289
Hillinger, Michael Law School / Faculty 508-985-1119
Hinote, Andrew CITS / Instructional Development 508-999-8257
Hird, Jonathan Athletics 508-999-8725
Hirshfeld, Alan Physics 508-999-8715
Ho, Jeremiah Law School / Faculty 508-985-1156
Hoey, John Chancellor's Office 508-999-8071
Hoffman, Deanna Registrar 508-999-8753
Hogg, Jacob Housing & Residential Education 508-910-4115
Hojjat, Mahzad Psychology 508-999-8380
Holden, Kevin Psychology 508-999-8386
Holleran, Jack Athletics 508-990-9651
Holloway, Memory Art History 508-999-8554
Holmes, Wendy Foreign Literature & Languages 508-999-8332
Holsworth, Nancy Human Resources 508-999-8178
Homol, Gregory Athletics 508-910-6417
Horowitz, June Andrews College of Nursing 508-999-8251
Hoss, Pamela Fine Arts 508-999-8548

Houghton, Meghan 
Associate Director
International Student & Scholar Center
Pine Dale Hall, Room: 7123
Phone: 508-910-6633
Fax: 508-910-6588
[send email]

Howes, Brian SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences 508-910-6316
Hsieh, Tien-Shih Accounting & Finance 508-910-6576
Hsu, J.P. Physics 508-999-8363
Huang, Wenzhen Mechanical Engineering 508-910-6568
Huayhua, Margarita Sociology / Anthropology 508-999-8400
Huff, Melvyn Mathematics 508-999-9171
Hunt, Stephen Housing & Residential Education 774-929-2424
Hunter Revell, Susan Nursing / Adult 508-999-8507
Hutchinson, Rebecca Artisanry 508-910-6683
A B C D E F G  H  I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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