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You can access the online directory alphabetically by name or department. Click on "Name" or "Department" and then choose a letter.

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Name (click for details) Department Phone Number
Browning, Amanda Mailroom 508-999-8075
Frazier, John Mailroom 508-999-8065
Tench, Bruce Mailroom 508-999-8065
Almeida, Delores Management & Marketing 508-999-8446
Bacdayan, Paul Management & Marketing 508-999-8435
Camara, William Management & Marketing 508-999-8446
Chang, Wencheng Joseph Management & Marketing 508-999-8745
Curran, Catherine Management & Marketing 508-999-8431
Einstein, Jacqueline Management & Marketing 508-999-9188
Izadi, Anoosha Management & Marketing 508-910-9066
Joardar, Arpita Management & Marketing 508-910-6436
Kara, Selcan Management & Marketing 508-999-8425
Konrad, Jamro Management & Marketing 508-999-8844
Kowalski, Kellyann Management & Marketing 508-999-8327
Kush, Jonathan Management & Marketing 508-999-8422
Mora, Jose Domingo Management & Marketing 508-999-8955
Papenhausen, Chris Management & Marketing 508-999-9218
Parayitam, Satyanarayana Management & Marketing 508-910-6501
Suchon, Kathleen Management & Marketing 508-999-8940
White, Steven Management & Marketing 508-999-8267
Winsor, Roxanne Management & Marketing 508-999-8840
Chen, Yanlai Mathematics 508-999-8438
Dalton Bildik, Sara Mathematics 508-999-8281
Davis, Gary Mathematics 508-999-8739
Dong, Bo Mathematics 508-910-6616
Field, Scott Mathematics 508-999-8318
Fine, Dana Mathematics 508-910-6905
Gottlieb, Sigal Mathematics 508-999-8205
Hausknecht, Adam Mathematics 508-999-8322
Heryudono, Alfa Mathematics 508-999-8516
Huff, Melvyn Mathematics 508-999-9171
Kim, Saeja Mathematics 508-999-8325
Leon, Steven Mathematics 508-999-8316
Luo, Biyong Mathematics 508-910-6615
Marzullo, Adriano Mathematics 508-999-8323
Peters, Jill Mathematics 508-999-8316
Reitzas, Julie Mathematics 508-999-8316
Tannenwald, Ronald Mathematics 508-999-8746
Wang, Cheng Mathematics 508-999-8342
Yan, Donghui Mathematics 508-999-8746
Amirzadeh Goghari, Afsoon Mechanical Engineering 508-910-6549
Bhowmick, Sankha Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8619
Chalivendra, Vijaya Mechanical Engineering 508-910-6572
Cunha, Susan Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8492
ElWakil, Sherif Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8594
Ferdous, Sheikh Mechanical Engineering 508-910-6553
Foster, Don Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8499
Huang, Wenzhen Mechanical Engineering 508-910-6568
Karimpour, Farid Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8357
Li, Jun Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8692
Raessi, Mehdi Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8496
Richman, Marc Mechanical Engineering 508-910-6553
Tandon, Amit Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8357
Bergeron, Dorothy Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8329
Carreiro, Eileen Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8213
Halliwell, Hollie Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8329
Hart, Elizabeth Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8331
Hasaba, Ali Medical Laboratory Science 508-910-6870
LeBlanc, Wayne Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8242
March Mistler, James Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8944
Miraglia, Caterina Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8584
Monty, Jennifer Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8329
Norfolk, Malissa Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8328

O'Donnell, Melody 
Full Time Lecturer
Medical Laboratory Science
Dion, Room: 216A
Phone: 508-910-6494
[send email]

Ouellette, Kimberly Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8213
Perkins, Nancy Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-8329
Rezendes, Karen Medical Laboratory Science 508-910-6989
Scarano, Frank Medical Laboratory Science 508-999-9239
Cieto, Michelle Music 508-999-8568
Eckert, Jamie Music 508-999-8568
Harlow, Bonnie Music 508-999-8568
Harrington, Joyce Music 508-999-8568
Hartigan, Royal Music 508-999-8572
Holmes-Hicks, EmmaLee Music 508-999-8568
Janssen, David Music 508-999-8568
Kingsland, William Music 508-999-8568
Marshall, Patricia Music 508-999-8568
McWain, Andrew Music 508-910-6574
Milham, Edwin Music 508-999-8568
Monte, Michael Music 508-999-8568
Monte, Tobias Music 508-999-8568
Poudrier, Christopher Music 508-999-8568
Riley, William Music 508-999-8568
Robitaille, James Music 508-999-8568
Rufino, David Music 508-999-8568
Sears, Mariellen Music 508-999-8568
Sherwin, Ronald Music 508-910-6949
Wang, Jing Music 508-999-8568
Zhou, Tianxu Music 508-999-8568
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