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You can access the online directory alphabetically by name or department. Click on "Name" or "Department" and then choose a letter.

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Name (click for details) Department Phone Number
Facchini, Rose Foreign Literature & Languages 508-999-8344
Fair, Meghan English 508-999-9230
Fairbairn, Janet Design 508-910-6466
Fan, Qinguo Bioengineering 508-999-9147
Faniel, Stephen Athletics 508-999-8738
Farber, Hillary Law School / Faculty 508-985-1140
Faria, Monica Student Transition & Achievement Resource Center 508-999-8330

Farias, Linda 
Assistant Director of Board Operations
Dining Services
Residents' Dining Hall
Phone: 508-910-6432
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Farinha, Olivia College Now 508-999-8704
Farnham, Christopher CITS / Instructional Development 508-999-8942
Farrar, Judith Library / Archives & Special Collections 508-999-8686
Farzinpour, Peyman Music 508-999-8568
Fatula, David Law School / Maintenance 508-985-1147
Fatula, Debra Law School / Library 508-985-1125
Faught, Kayla Library / Access Services 508-999-8161
Fay, Gavin SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography 508-910-6363
Felix, Caroline Advising, Support & Planning Office 508-910-6956
Fennessey, Neil Civil & Environmental Engineering 508-999-8416
Fernandes, Jessica College of Visual & Performing Arts 508-999-8903
Fernandes, John Science & Engineering Center / ARC 508-999-8718
Fernandes, Judite International Programs Office 508-910-6508
Ferrari, Lauren Human Resources 508-999-8049
Ferreira, Brenda Athletics 508-999-8729
Ferreira, Gilbert Nursing / Lead Program 508-993-4918
Ferreira, Jennifer Registrar 508-910-6552
Ferreira, Natalie Library / Access Services 508-999-9298
Ferreira, Russell Public Safety 508-999-8107
Ferreira, Tracie Bioengineering 508-910-6537
Ferruzola, Norma Graduate Studies & Admissions 508-999-8026
Fields, Keota Philosophy 508-999-8506
Fillion, Kathleen Upward Bound 508-999-8714
Fine, Dana Mathematics 508-910-6905
Fiondella, Lance Electrical & Computer Engineering 508-999-8596
Fioravanti, Emil Public Safety 508-999-8106
Fisher, Anthony Fine Arts 508-910-6865
Fisher, Robert Physics 508-999-8353
Fitta, Edward Receiving 508-999-8829
Fitzpatrick, Daniel Law School 508-985-1109
Fitzpatrick, Michael Religious Resource Center 508-999-8872
Fitzsimons, Laurajane College Now 508-999-8707
Flanagan, Rebecca Law School / Faculty 508-985-1152
Fobanjong, John Political Science 508-999-9177
Foley, Susan Career Development Center 508-999-8661
Forker, Laura Decision & Information Sciences 508-999-9259
Fortier, Paul Electrical & Computer Engineering 508-999-8544
Foster, Don Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8499
Foster, Marva Nursing / Adult 508-910-6645
Fowler, Alex Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8449
Fowler, Catherine Admissions 508-999-8783
Fox, Christine SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography 508-910-6351
France Jr., Donald Workers' Education Program 508-910-9004
Franz, Laura Design 508-999-9285
Frates, Anne International Student & Scholar Center 508-910-6633
Frates, Jennifer Purchasing 508-999-8806
Frazier, John Mailroom 508-999-8065
Frederici, David Religious Resource Center 508-999-8872
Freitag, Melissa Political Science 508-999-8369
Freitas, Patricia Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 508-910-6405
Frias, Christopher CITS / Network & Telecommunications 508-999-8203
Friel, Shannon Price University Extension 508-910-6674
Fritzinger, Aaron Dining Services 508-910-6953
Fryer, Robert Dining Services 508-910-9800
Fugate, Jennifer Psychology 508-999-8397
Fulara, Karol CITS / Information Systems Development & Integration 508-999-8429
Furukawa, Shingo College of Visual & Performing Arts 508-910-6655
Fusco, Sharon Print Shop 508-999-8064
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Telephone Numbers:

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Emergency on campus: 508-999-9191 or x9191

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