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You can access the online directory alphabetically by name or department. Click on "Name" or "Department" and then choose a letter.

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Name (click for details) Department Phone Number
Raessi, Mehdi Mechanical Engineering 508-999-8496
Rai, Bharatendra Decision & Information Sciences 508-910-6434
Raidy-Klein, Susan Library / Technical Services 508-999-8666
Rajaniemi, Tara Biology 508-999-8223
Rajapakse, Renuka Physics 508-999-8354
Ramirez-Soto, Ismael Educational Leadership 508-910-9029
Ramsbottom, Donald Advancement Office 508-999-8011
Rancour, David Electrical & Computer Engineering 508-999-8466

Raposa, Debbie 
Specialized Administrative Assistant
College of Engineering
Dion, Room: 319B
Phone: 508-999-8387
Fax: 508-999-9137
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Raposa, Joseph Facilities 508-910-6628
Rapoza, Matthew Campus Services 508-999-9176
Rapoza, Tricia Dining Services 508-910-6647
Rasapalli, Sivappa Chemistry & Biochemistry 508-999-8276
Raspotnik-Hrycin, Lori Accounting & Finance 508-999-9288
Rebello, Rachel CITS / Instructional Development 508-910-6559
Reddy, Ann-Marie Advancement Office 508-999-8843
Redmond, Charles English 508-999-9228
Reese, Don English 508-999-8289
Reid, Kim College of Nursing 508-999-8371
Reilly, Helen Bursar 508-999-8174
Reilly, Rick CITS / Enterprise Systems Administration 508-999-8569
Reis, Gina International Programs Office 508-910-6505
Reitzas, Julie Mathematics 508-999-8316
Renoir, Barbara Bursar 508-999-8087
Revell, Andrew Psychology 508-999-8385
Revoredo, Maria Facilities 508-999-8100
Reynolds, Lester Facilities 508-999-8114
Reynolds, Michael Public Safety 508-999-8107
Reynolds, Teresa Nursing / Adult 508-999-8504
Rezendes, Karen Medical Laboratory Science 508-910-6989
Richardson, Elizabeth Psychology 508-910-6954
Richman, Marc Mechanical Engineering 508-910-6553
Riley, William Music 508-999-8568
Rillahan, Christopher SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography 508-910-6323
Rivera, Sandra Foreign Literature & Languages 508-999-8333
Robertson, Jean Crime & Justice Studies 508-999-8401
Robertson, LaToya Housing & Residential Education 508-910-6478
Robichaud, Mark Athletics 508-999-9173
Robillard, Dennis Electrical & Computer Engineering 508-999-8488
Robinson, Leanne Nursing / Adult 508-999-8804
Robinson, Matthew CITS / Information Systems Development & Integration 508-999-8119
Robinson, Robin Sociology / Anthropology 508-999-8788
Robitaille, James Music 508-999-8568
Rocha, Michelle Bioengineering 508-999-8448
Roderick, Dennis Crime & Justice Studies 508-999-8624
Rodrigues, Diane Registrar 508-999-8625
Rodrigues, Isabel Sociology / Anthropology 508-999-8408
Rogers, Clinton Computer & Information Science 508-999-8414
Rogers, Pamela Advancement Office 508-999-8020
Rohrer, Brad Housing & Residential Education 508-999-9207
Rooney, Sean Dining Services 508-910-6415
Rosa, Ricardo Educational Leadership 508-910-9035
Rosa, Sandra Sponsored Projects Administration 508-999-8813
Roscoe, Douglas Political Science 508-999-8519
Rose, Corey Charlton College of Business 508-999-8423
Rose, Sophia Workers' Education Program 508-910-9004
Roth, Lindsay Advancement Office 508-999-8478
Roush, Karen Nursing / Community 508-910-6598
Roy, Matthew Center for Civic Engagement 508-910-9052
Roy, Racheal Career Development Center 508-999-8674
Rudd-Arieta, Margaret Nursing / Community 508-999-8861
Rudko, Frances Law School / Faculty 508-985-1144
Rufino, David Music 508-999-8568
Rusinoski, Janet Facilities 508-999-8116
Russo, Tracey CITS / Instructional Development 508-910-6544
Ryckebusch, Mathew Workers' Education Program 508-910-9004
Ryder, Charlene Art & Design 508-999-8546
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