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General Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) Equipment

Pine Instrument Company Gyratory Compactor

Features & Benefits

Produces 6" diameter asphalt mix specimens to densities achieved under actual pavement climate and loading conditions.
Device is portable.
For more information, please visit Pine Instrument Company.

ELE Marshall Compactor

Features & Benefits

Produces 4" asphalt mix specimens based on a pre-determined number of blows.
For more information, please visit ELE International.

Gilson Vibro-Deairator with Welch 1405 DuoSeal Vacuum Pump

Features & Benefits

Used to determine the maximum theoretical specific gravity of asphalt mixes by extracting all of the air bubbles within the pore spaces between the material's particles that are submersed in water.
For more information, please visit Gilson Company.

Rotavapor Extraction and Recovery Device

Features & Benefits

Used to extract and recover asphalt binder from asphalt mixtures [both hot-mix asphalt (HMA) and reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP)].
Assists in determining the quantity of asphalt binder in HMA or RAP.
The recovered aggregate can be used to determine the particle size distribution curve.

InstroTek Corelok

Features & Benefits

Vacuum chamber that is used to determine the bulk specific gravity of bituminous asphalt specimens.
For more information, please visit InstroTek Inc.

Lindberg Blue Constant Temperature Waterbaths

Features & Benefits

Waterbaths are capable of automatically controlling temperature within close ranges.
Used to bring materials to desired constant temperatures for various testing purposes.

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