College of Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation Defense by Sairajan Sarangapani

Date(s): 12/6/2012 10:00 AM - 12/6/201212:00 PM
Location: Lester W. Cory Conference Room, SENG Group II-213A
Contact: David A. Brown 508-999-8479

TOPIC: “Investigation of the electromechanical properties of stripe-electroded tangentially polarized piezoelectric bars and cylinders”

Stripe-electroded tangentially polarized thin-walled piezoelectric bars and cylinders are widely used in electromechanical and electroacoustic applications. The stripe-electroded elements are chosen to achieve the longitudinal piezoelectric effect without using segmented parts bonded together, however the electromechanical properties are not fully realized due to the nonuniform electric field and polarization in the element. The effective electromechanical coupling coefficient, piezoelectric modulus, elastic constant and relative dielectric constant are calculated using the energy method by accounting for the nonuniform electric field for bars vibrating in extension, bars vibrating in  flexure,  and cylinders vibrating in extension. A finite difference method (FDM) is used to analyze the nonuniform electric field under the assumption that the piezoelement is fully polarized. Calculations are compared with results from a piece-wise linear field model and experimental data on several representative samples. Experimental work on polarizing bars and cylinders are also presented.

NOTE: All ECE Graduate Students are ENCOURAGED to attend.
All interested parties are invited to attend.
Open to the public.

Advisor: Dr. David A. Brown
Committee Members: Dr. Boris Aronov, Dr. Yifei Li, Dr. Cheng Wang, and Dr. Xiang Yan

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