College of Engineering

ECE Master of Science Project Defense by Vijaya Venkataram Pullamsetty

Date(s): 3/1/2013 11:00 AM - 3/1/20131:00 PM
Location: Lester W. Cory Conference Room, SENG - Room 213A
Contact: David P. Rancour 508-999-8466


This project involves design of a communication system which includes Quadrature Amplitude modulation (QAM) technique. The system’s modules which condition the signal are an Elliptical Bandpass analog Filter, a Butterworth Lowpass Analog Filter, an Analog to Digital Converter and a Digital to Analog Converter. A basic explanation of all the modules is stated along with the advantages and disadvantages of the respective designs. Multisim designs for filters, Analog to Digital Converters & Digital and Analog Converters are developed. The simulated waveforms, AC Analysis, DC Analysis of the Filters, Analog to Digital Converters and Digital to Analog Converters are shown.

Quadrature Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation Modules are coded using Verilog and the code is synthesized using Questasim. Critical Path delays for the modulator and demodulator sections are calculated.

NOTE: All ECE Graduate Students are ENCOURAGED to attend.
All interested parties are invited to attend.
Open to the public.

Advisor: Dr. David P. Rancour
Committee Members: Dr. Honggang Wang and Dr. Gaurav Khanna

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