College of Engineering

ECE Master of Science Project Defense By Susheel Kalabathula

Date(s): 4/19/2013 11:00 AM - 4/19/20131:00 PM
Location: Textile's Building - Room 101E
Contact: Paul J. Fortier 508-999-8544


Most common method of driving brushless direct current motors is using Hall Effect sensors. Due to the limitations of Hall Effect sensors to perform reliably under mechanical pressures and higher temperature environments, the need for an insensitive driving method had raised. One such driving method is using direct Back EMF of the motor phases and is called Sensorless drive.

Through this project, the Sensorless motor drive is designed and implemented to drive the BLDC motors. This method is able to completely eliminate the use of any kind of sensors and only use inherent property of the motors for commutation. It reduces the wiring and the circuitry required inside the motor casing which also improves the reliability of the system. During the period of this project fundamental principles of motors had been revisited and documented, studied important BLDC motor characteristics and designed Sensorless method for driving BLDC motors. A detailed understanding of analog control system design, motor back EMF detection method and digital control algorithm for implementation is established.

NOTE: All ECE Graduate Students are ENCOURAGED to attend.
All interested parties are invited to attend.
Open to the public.

Advisor: Dr. Paul J. Fortier
Committee Members: Dr. David P. Rancour and Dr. John J. Cooley

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