College of Engineering

ECE Master of Science Project Defense by Brian Louro

Date(s): 4/23/2013 1:00 PM - 4/23/20133:00 PM
Location: Lester W. Cory Conference Room, SENG - Room 213A
Contact: Paul J. Fortier 508-999-8544


The goal of the Mobile Non-Intrusive Cardiac Monitor is to allow patients to learn to recognize disease symptoms and how it affects their health. Chronic cardiac conditions are insidious, taking many years to develop. This factor makes determination of symptoms to conditions difficult for patients to make on their own since symptoms vary greatly based on numerous conditions. Providing the ability to monitor, organize, classify, and correlate symptom patterns continuously will aid in the patient's medical assessment of symptoms ultimately leading to early detection of chronic cardiac conditions. This project describes a full end-to-end, platform scalable architecture for patient self-data collection and classification. The data can be collected via a Smartphone and is scalable to any programming language. The Mobile Non-Intrusive Cardiac Monitor was developed with software design patterns and graphical user interface architecture models in mind.

NOTE: All ECE Graduate Students are ENCOURAGED to attend.
All interested parties are invited to attend.
Open to the public.

Advisor: Dr. Paul J. Fortier
Committee Members: Dr. Howard E. Michel, Dr. Honggang Wang, and Dr. Kristen Sethares

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