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Physics Graduate Student Eric Holmes in Japan for Science Mission

Physics Graduate Student Eric Holmes has reached Japan, and is now onboard R/V Natsushima with other scientists from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, MIT, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to make measurements across the Kuroshio Front and fast moving Kuroshio current!

The main objectives of this scientific cruise are to elucidate whether the small scale turbulent dissipation in response to the mesoscale forcing, such as frontogenesis, is ubiquitous and intrinsic feature of the fronts, and to investigate the magnitude and spatial spread of dissipation sites in three-dimensional space near the Kuroshio Front, to investigate horizontal scales of distribution of nitrate across the front, and to investigate the submesoscale contrast in species compositions of zooplankton and phytoplankton across the Kuroshio Front.

This will be accomplished by the team of 18 science participants including Eric, led by Chief Scientist Dr. Takeyoshi Nagai, and the scientific cruise will last from Oct 17th to October 24th 2009 in which five detailed transects across the Kuroshio Front are planned.

Photograph of the 67m long vessel R/V Natsushima.

Author: "Amit Tandon"
Date: 20-10-2009

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