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ECE Doctoral Students Garner Top Student Paper Awards at National Conference

Two local engineering students from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (UMD) won prestigious "Best Student Paper Awards" in Engineering Acoustics recently at a national meeting of a leading acoustical science organization.

Sairajan "Sai" Sarangapani and Corey Bachand, both doctoral candidates in Electrical Engineering at UMD, received awards from the Acoustical Society of America, the leading international organization for the advancement of the science of sound for more than 80 years, during the Society's November 2011 meeting in San Diego, California. At the meeting, scientists and students from around the world presented their latest research findings in the field of acoustics.

Sairajan "Sai" Sarangapani, a doctoral candidate in Electrical Engineering at UMD, was named recipient of the "First Prize Award" for his paper entitled, "Calculating piezoelectric parameters of stripe-electroded cylinders and bars with nonuniform electric fields." The paper is an important contribution to the understanding of how electroacoustic transducers can be improved for underwater communications and sonar applications.  His state-of-the art research work in the polarization of piezoelectric ceramics also has application for fish finding and energy harvesting.  A resident of New Bedford, "Sai" is also teaching an introductory undergraduate course on electrical circuits for Mechanical Engineering students at UMD. Sai is an active member of the Indian Student Group. A skilled dancer and creative performer, Sai has led dance teams in performances at the several Diwali celebrations on campus.

Corey Bachand, also a doctoral student in Electrical Engineering, was named recipient of the "Second Prize" for his research-paper presentation at the meeting. Corey's paper was entitled, "Optimization of tuning and matching of broadband transducers with power switching amplifiers," and is related to his doctoral work. Mr. Bachand's research is important for improving communications systems and improving energy efficiency.

Sairajan and Corey both work in collaboration with the Electroacoustics Research Laboratory at the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center in Fall River, under the advisement of Dr. Boris Aronov and Professor David A. Brown.

Author: "Dr. David Brown [Contact]"
Date: 22-2-2012

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