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Electrical Engineering PhD Students Win Top Awards in Acoustics Research

Robert Randall, a doctoral student in Electrical Engineering studying at the ATMC with Prof. David Brown, has been named recipient of the "Best Student Paper Award in Engineering Acoustics-First Prize" for his presentation "Motional current velocity control of piezoelectric loads"  at the 164th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. Mr. Randal presented his paper in a special session on "Wideband Transducers and Their Impact on Total Acoustic Systems Design." The work is related to potential improvements in advanced sonar techniques.

Second prize went to David Hague, a doctoral student in Electrical Engineering studying under Prof. John Buck.  Mr. Hague's presentation was entitled  "A generalized sinusoidal frequency modulated waveform for active sonar" given in a special session on Broadband, Complex Pulses for Echolocation, jointly sponsored by Engineering Acoustics, Signal Processing, and Animal Bioacoustics.

The Electrical Engineering PhD program is one of the most active programs at UMass Dartmouth. The program generated 7 PhD degrees in 2012. The research focus of the program is in acoustics, signal processing, RF/Photonics, applied electromagnetics, reliability engineering, intelligent systems, sensors and sensor networks. The ECE department had over a million dollars in research expenditures in the fiscal year 2011/12.

Author: "Dr. David Brown [Contact]"
Date: 31-12-2012

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