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Prof. Amit  Tandon (Physics) receives Office of Naval Research (ONR) funding to model Upper Ocean Processes in the Bay of Bengal

Professor Amit Tandon has been awarded a grant for $647,173 by the Office of Naval Research for participating in the 5-year program ASIRI: Air-Sea interactions in the northern Indian ocean -- Research Initiative.  Professor Tandon's research group will be working on coastal and submesoscale process modeling to contribute to a better understanding of the physical processes in the upper ocean in the Bay of Bengal.

This initiative has two international partnerships, the ASIRI-OMM (Ocean Mixing and Monsoons) partnership with India, and the ASIRI-EBOB (Effects of Bay of Bengal Freshwater Flux on Indian Ocean) partnership with Sri Lanka.  Professor Tandon is also part of the steering committee for ASIRI-OMM.

The US science team funded by the ONR consists of more than twenty scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of Washington, Oregon State University, U of Notre Dame, Columbia University, Colorado State University, University of Alaska Fairbanks and University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Participation in this team effort involves observational and modeling scientists working closely together as a team at a range of oceanic scales, from microscale (mm-scale) turbulence to basinwide (1000km scale) property distributions working on a physical understanding of what sets them. The Indian Science team is funded by the Monsoon Mission of India, and more than 20 scientists from Indian Institute of Sciences,  National MoES laboratories INCOIS, NIOT, ISRO's SAC, and three of the IITs, in Madras, Delhi and Bhubaneswar.

A pilot experiment is planned for November-December 2013, in which scientists from Sri Lanka and India will be hosted on Research Vessel Roger Revelle to carry out process experiments and conduct research in the international waters in the Bay of Bengal. The Indian research vessel Sagar Nidhi and a Sri Lankan research vessel are also expected to participate in this project. Professor Tandon and his research associate Dr. Sanjiv Ramachandran will be on board R/V Roger Revelle in November 2013 to participate in field observations.

"The Fullbright teaching award and the ONR research award will allow me to combine my teaching and research interests in upper ocean processes in the Bay of Bengal", says Professor Tandon.

Author: "Dr. Ramprasad Balasubramanian [Contact]"
Date: 12-11-2013

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