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Dr. Tracie Ferreira (BNG) Awarded 2013 Teacher of the Year Award

Professor Tracie Ferreira of Bioengineering has been honored with the Leo M. Sullivan Teacher of the Year award for 2013.  The award was presented at a Faculty Federation banquet on December 4.

Prof. Ferreira's teaching evaluation by students and her peers have always been the highest in the bioengineering department.  She puts tremendous efforts and passion into teaching, not just in the classrooms, but also in her office, her lab and everywhere students meet with her.  Here are some comments students wrote on her course evaluations.

"Dr. Ferreira is a great professor, very helpful and goes out of her way to help her students"

"I liked the end of the class questions, a good way to study what was important and to narrow down a broad subject"

"Dr. Ferreira is a well-rounded and extremely organized professor. She always keeps everyone on the same page with her emails and informative information"

"She is very approachable, helpful and friendly, the epitome of grace and courtesy"

"Dr. Ferreira is a great instructor. She is very passionate about the subject matter and genuinely interested in the success of her students".

Prof. Ferreira has also been doing an excellent job advising students.  She has one BMEBT PhD student and 48 undergraduate advisees including some pre-med students and honor students.  She is on the MS thesis committee of 3 Master students and the PhD dissertation committee of one more PhD student.  She is also the faculty advisor of the student chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society and the Society of Women Engineers.  

Prof. Ferreira has used her research grants from the NIH and other agencies to financially support her undergraduate students working in her zebrafish research lab.  Two of her student research groups presented their research at the Sigma Xi Poster Exhibit on campus last Spring.  Four peer-reviewed papers with her students as coauthors have been published.  Her students also won twice the 3-minute undergraduate research presentation in 2012 and 2013.  

Prof. Ferreira is also a great recruiter.  She was the 2013 September recipient of the Chancellor's Award Recognizing Excellence in Service (CARES) due to her efforts in recruiting high school students.  Prof. Ferreira also holds a leadership role on the committees of the BNG scholarship, the BNG ABET and the Institutional Animal Care and Use.
As the student reporter, Amanda Butcher, quoted on the Torch, UMD student newspaper, December 5, 2013, "she instills her drive in you, she knows what we are capable of, and she expects that of us, said the Junior Bioengineering student, Danielle McDowell".

Author: "Dr. Ramprasad Balasubramanian [Contact]"
Date: 18-12-2013

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