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Amit Tandon and Collaborators Awarded NSF-NOAA Grant

Associate Professor Amit Tandon of the Department of Physics and his collaborators from MIT, UCLA, Princeton University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Florida State University and two federal labs (National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder CO and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Labarotary, Princeton NJ) have been awarded an NSF-NOAA grant to continue their work on mesoscale and mixed layer models as part of the Climate Modeling and Process teams. This team was first granted $2 million from 2003-2006, and has been awarded additional $1.3 million for 2006-2008 to continue their work by NSF and NOAA.

This team is formulating and testing how to include the oceanic eddy transport in and near the surface boundary layer in next generation of climate models. The predictability for Earth's climate system depends largely on our understanding of physical processes and integration of those processes in numerical models. The project will continue making fundamental progress in upper ocean physics, in improving physics in climate models, and in understanding the sensitivity of climate to upper ocean processes.

The proposed research has many broader implications. Most obviously, climate has an enormous impact on the human condition, and the project is directly focused on improving the ocean component of the climate models that simulate and attempt to predict climate and climate change. More information on the team and their work is available at Dr. Tandon has been with UMass Dartmouth since 1999.

Author: "Marguerite Zarrillo"
Date: 3-9-2006

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