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Welcome to the College of Engineering's Cooperative Education & Internship Program

The Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP) is a highly successful approach that combines classroom education with workplace learning. The program places students on the road to a rewarding future as they learn, earn money, and gain hands-on experience. The CEIP is the ultimate educational partnership because it creates a true win-win-win-win (WIN4) situation with advantages that should be seriously considered.

Firstly, participating students win because they get to test-drive their chosen careers. They gain first-hand experience that improves their opportunities for post graduation employment. Because of their professional experience, they can expect a higher starting salary.

Secondly, parents win because their child "earns while he/she learns," which helps defray the cost of a quality education. The CEIP provides motivation for students to complete their education and that's important!

The synergy between classroom learning and workplace learning better prepares students for future careers in the 21st century.

Thirdly, employers win because participating students fill important roles in technology by bringing fresh outlooks and enthusiasm to the workplace. Students' creative problem-solving skills are a source of innovation and their suggestions often lead to significant technical contributions.

Finally, the College of Engineering wins because students enhance the College's reputation by their contributions and professionalism in the hi-tech community.

Prospective participants may ask, "Is Coop/Internship right for me?" Consider that in today's technical workplace, a degree only gets an individual to the starting line. Employers will select and pay more for experienced candidates. The CEIP gives students the confidence and experience to make valuable contributions alongside senior engineers and scientists. In addition, the CEIP trains its participants in teamwork, which is an increasingly vital aspect of today's workplace.

The CEIP is a fantastic learning journey that helps students appreciate lifelong learning, set goals and design their futures.

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