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By signing this Statement of Understanding, the employer accepts the following responsibilities related to its participation in the College of Engineering's Cooperative Education and Internship Program at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

1.   * To provide meaningful employment related to the student's field of study, enhancing, supplementing, and using his or her background and education. The work assignments will challenge the student's technical, educational and professional development.
2.   * To pay the Cooperative Education and Internship Program student a reasonable wage commensurate with ability, experience, and job responsibility.
3.   * To provide work of increasing technical involvement and responsibility in keeping with the student's educational progress.
4.   * To place the student under the supervision of a qualified manager who can provide effective guidance during the work session and assist the student in adjusting to the work environment.
5.   * To jointly with the student establish learning objectives for each work session, to periodically discuss job performance with the student, to complete a performance evaluation at the end of each work session, and to approve the written report that the student prepares by the end of the work session
6.   * To provide the student with the required full complement of work assignments, assuming the student's performance is acceptable and the company is not in an extremely difficult employment situation.
7.   * To permit the College of Engineering's Cooperative Education and Internship Program Faculty Coordinator or other officials to periodically visit the work site and the students for the purpose of reviewing the employer portion of the Cooperative Education and Internship Program.
8.   * To keep the student on the required work-classroom schedule. If truly compelling reasons exist to deviate from the schedule (reasons that are either work or classroom related), the change must be requested by both the student and the employer in writing, and the change must be approved by the Cooperative Education and Internship Program Faculty Coordinator prior to implementation.
9.   * To state that the employer is an equal opportunity employer.
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