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UMass Dartmouth, Bristol Community College accelerate transition for engineering students

UMass Dartmouth and Bristol Community College have signed agreements that will accelerate the transfer of BCC engineering associate's degree graduates into five UMass College of Engineering programs.

"BCC students will now know from the start what courses they need to ensure a timely path to completion of their UMass degrees and entry into the region's economy," said Dr. Antonio H. Costa, dean of UMass Dartmouth's College of Engineering. "As our regional economy is increasingly defined by innovation, it is our responsibility to build the most efficient engineering talent pipeline possible."

"This agreement clearly defines the necessary courses, both engineering and general education, that will maximize the transferable credits," said Anthony Ucci, chair of  BCC's engineering and technology department. "The courses selected were either developed or redesigned to ensure (or guarantee) transferability. Specific courses were selected to make sure students are well prepared for UMass Dartmouth's third year courses and able to complete their bachelor's degree in the shortest period of time."

Under the agreement, BCC students will be accepted for admission as juniors to UMass Dartmouth's civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, materials and textiles (materials and bio-materials engineering option) and mechanical engineering programs.

Although BCC and UMass Dartmouth have had articulation agreements in the past, Ucci said that the new arrangement improves upon those practices by featuring updated curriculum information at both schools and taking advantage of new resources available to instructors.

Approximately 16 students per year typically transfer from BCC into UMass Dartmouth's College of Engineering. Both administrators are hopeful that the articulation agreement will translate into increased enrollment as well as strengthen existing ties between the two institutions.

"BCC and UMass Dartmouth have always successfully collaborated," said Costa, referring to a similar agreement signed in 2004 in the computer science department. "I expect that this (pact) will only enhance that relationship."

"All of the constituencies involved benefit with students receiving a clear and concise path for successful transfer, BCC receiving the recognition for its high academic quality and rigor, and UMass Dartmouth receiving an increased number of well qualified students for its outstanding engineering programs," Ucci said.

Added UMass Dartmouth's Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Richard J. Panofsky, "We all benefit when the different elements in the system--in this case, a community college and university--work in cooperation and act as if these students are all 'our' students. One important mission of community colleges is to prepare students for four-year college work and an articulation agreement is a key way in which we can fulfill that promise better."

UMass Dartmouth and Bristol Community College also have admissions articulation agreements in the following fields: Fine Arts/Art Education, Visual Design, Business, Computer Science, Sociology, and Nursing.

Author: "John Hoey"
Date: 6-12-2006

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