Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP)College of Engineering 

Dr. Khanna selected to be on the executive committee of

Dr. Khanna was invited to join the committee as an experienced physicist and developer of scientific software for Apple computers. The community is tightly networked with Apple and its partners and has exclusive access to several resources including hardware, software and consultation.

Dr. Khanna's role is to help the growth of the community in the area of the Physical Sciences. In addition, he hopes to establish a large open community computing grid (using Apple's Xgrid infrastructure) based on voluntarily contributed, remote computing resources by members of the community. To assist this initiative, Dr. Khanna has received computer hardware valued above $6,000 (from Apple) which serves as the main controller of this "OpenMacGrid". Although still in its infancy, currently this grid has already over 100 processors available for use, which amounts to a total of over 200 GHz of computing power.

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Author:  "Dr. Gaurav Khanna"
Date:  12-1-2007
Submitted by:  Olivia Farinha
Department:  College Of Engineering - Phy

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