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New Technology Courses Developed by Computer and Information Science

Dr. Boleslaw Mikolajczak, Chairperson of Computer and Information Science, is pleased to announce two new CIS course offerings.  CIS-160  Exploring Computer Programming with Animation will be offered for the first time in the fall 2007 and CIS-220  Advanced Web Site Development will be offered in the spring 2008 semester.

CIS-160 Exploring Computer Programming with Animation is a laboratory-based course, which uses a new programming software ALICE ( developed at Carnegie Mellon University.  According to a press release issued by Carnegie Mellon,  "The programming software's strength is making abstract concepts concrete in the eyes of first-time programmers."  It was also noted that studies, funded by the National Science Foundation, showed both student progress and retention improved with the use of ALICE software. The CIS Department strongly believes that CIS-160 will be a leg up for freshmen and sophomores in grasping the fundamentals of programming.

The second new course,  CIS-220 Advanced Web Site Development,  is seen by the CIS Department as another stepping-stone for students at an early stage in their studies of Information Technology.  The course will be offered in the spring 2008 semester.  It is a laboratory and project based course that includes various multimedia and design for the implementation of effective and dynamic web sites. This course has a prerequisite of CIS 120 Web Page Development. Both courses are open to all UMassD majors.

If you have any questions on these courses, please contact Dr. Mikolajczak at: or call 508.999.8350 or 508.999.8265.

Author:  "Carol A. Hoaglund"
Date:  1-3-2007
Submitted by:  Susan Demers
Department:  College Of Engineering - Cis

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